Vincent Parascandola Leads The AXA Advisors

The role of AXA Advisors is to help families, individuals as well as businesses to take small steps that they can easily manage and succeed in getting financial security. Since 1859, these advisors have been doing just that.

They realize that is the biggest goal for people today for people. But financial security can be quite complex for some people as there are several parameters that are involved here. The financial planning will be based on lifestyle, the needs after retirement, besides any other aspirations, income, and the family goals and so on. This requires careful planning to take it forward.

Proper financial security means getting an early start. Planning well will contribute to achieving the financial goals in an easy and proper manner.

A budget will have to be set. Once this is done, it has to be followed diligently. Managing of debt is another important parameter. This means being aware of when credit is to be used and when not. There has to be an emergency fund too. It must be kept aside while it provides peace of mind. This helps to remain prepared for anything unexpected that may come at any time.

Financial security would always include investing for retirement. Diversification will always be a key factor in protecting the portfolio in case of losses. This does not undermine the importance of reassessment of the financial situation as life is changing all the time.

This is exactly what Vincent Parascandola is explaining to his advisors all the time. He is currently the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC.

Vincent Parascandola looks into several departments here. These include sales and recruitment, besides management development and retention. This way he is responsible for the productivity of his financial professionals as he has to develop the new ones too!

Vincent Parascandola is looking after so many avenues in his company as he has nearly 25 years of experience here. He had joined Prudential as an agent. This was in 1987. This is the way Vincent Parascandola started his career. Then he moved on to MONY Life Insurance Company before joining AXA Advisors in 2004.