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Tim Murawski Successful Leads Internal Fundraising of $15 Million for Augmedics

Tim Murawski, the Chief Commercial Officer and President of Augmedics, raises $15 million from the company’s employees in June 2020, for its Series B Fundraising efforts. The key stakeholders established AUG Management LLC to raise $4 million, watched their capital investments vanish during the Covid-19 pandemic, in early 2020. Tim Murawski started the B-Series fundraiser in 2019 and planned to close the round of funding by Second Quarter 2020. After Augmedics successfully launched, Tim Murawski and his invested partners began marketing its high-technology, sophisticated xvision system. 


Surgeons in the United States are now using the systems in hospitals and surgical medical centers to help them care for their patients during operations with outstanding success, Tim Murawski has explained. The equipment is the company’s first development for augmented reality guidance that allows precise visual view of a patient’s anatomy. With over 20 years of experience in the development and management of medical and healthcare companies, Tim Murawski shifted his career focus to robotic technology. 


He brings expertise in leadership and marketing from companies, including Baxter International, Intuitive Surgical, Mazor Robotics, Hansen Medical Inc., IS Inc., and GS Innovations. Tim Murawski started his career holding positions, such as territory sales manager and area sales manager. Tim Murawski earned his BBA degree in operations management and supervision from Western Illinois University. His ambition resulted in him moving up the corporate ladder to hold regional director of sales, vice president, and account director. He is a stakeholder in Augmedics and led the Series B Fundraising with thorough knowledge of raising capital for businesses in the medical and healthcare industry.

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