The Best Sectors for Business in 2017

In most cases people perceive new years as a time for new things: new attitudes, friends, jobs, but above all businesses. A list published by the American Magazine Inc, highlighting some of the best places to launch businesses. This list identifies the most lucrative sectors of the economy.






Businesses that are youth centered are good to invest in as they are sure to succeed. The magazine points out that the youth are the new millennial consumers and as such should not be ignored or bypassed. Entrepreneurs need to understand how the youth think and then design commodities that they appreciate.



Remote Work



Investment in virtual or distance jobs is also listed as a promising place to invest. Flavio says that the companies that are able to offer efficient training services for employees who are working away from their headquarters are going to grow. This remote way of working is increasingly becoming popular.



Health Sector



Unlike other generations that have come and gone, this generation is preoccupied about its health and well being. Advice on healthy living has people surfing the net and trying to style up. Applications that measure calories and help one to keep nutritional records are the next big thing.



Technological Innovations



Flavio says that technology is growing today and is being used well in business. Investment in the creation of platforms that make business administration easier and simpler is also a place to invest according to the magazine’s prognosis.






The sale of goods online is also gaining prominence among consumers. Flavio says that recent research demonstrates that close to 60% of shoppers are willing to add items they like to their cart therefore reaching the required threshold to guarantee free shipping. This is a good bet for business in 2017.



Environment Friendly Products



A lot of importance is nowadays being placed on environment friendly initiatives. Products strengthening a culture of sustainability will continue to flood the market. This is a great place for new market entrants to try.



Flavio Maluf



He is the CEO of Eucatex. He is also the chairman of the company’s board. He has a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

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