Success Academy Fights Against The Educational Problems Of New York City

The achievements of the Success Academy have been impressive in many different areas of educational development in New York City as the network of Charter Schools has risen to over 40 schools in total; the Success Academy has also looked to develop a new range of charter schools that will see the New York based network rise to a level that will be close to the size of public school districts in Atlanta and Boston with more than 100 schools and a growing number of students.


Success Academy founder Eva Moskowitz has revealed the Broad Prize funds will be used to prepare students attending the charter school network for college. The Broad Prize is provided to charter schools that provide a large amount of assistance and places for students from ethnically diverse and economically disadvantaged regions of the U.S. Recent applications to the Success Academy’s growing number of charter schools have seen the lottery system used to assign spots inundated with more than 15,000 applications for just over 3,000 available slots.


The rise of the Success Academy since it was established in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz has not all been plain sailing with a number of challenges overcome, including a recent court battle that pitted the network of charter schools against the leadership of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who stated the charter school network was liable for the same rules for pre-K students as are followed by public schools; Eva Moskowitz fought in court to prove charter schools were open to education department inspection, but not for curriculum approval that was being attempted by the New York Mayor and his staff. The court battle had a negative effect on the growth of the Success Academy, but Eva Moskowitz stated the refusal of the new York Mayor to open up places in unused public school buildings would not deter her from fighting the legal battle eventually won by Success Academy at the expense of the New York Education Department.

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