Rocketship Public Charter Schools Form Great Bonds Outside Of The Classroom

All children are entitled to a great education which is why Rocketship Charter Schools opened their doors 10 years ago in a basement of a church located in San Jose, California. The impact they have made on the communities has been a success however they are always looking to expand further and improve further how they help to teach kids.

Rocketship knows firsthand that learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom. The learning also happens at home. The charter school is known for how it works to bring in personalized learning to each student. They work to bring technology into the classroom but knows that there is more to learning than just technology. They work to bring together parents and students so that parents are included in how students learn. By including the parent into the education of the students, the relationship between parent and teacher become stronger which benefits the student in the long run.

Because learning is always a positive thing, Rocketship strives to make sure that their teachers are also always learning. They work hard to ensure that the teachers they hire are open to the idea of always learning. They have weekly sessions which teaches the educator about lessons they can learn and how they can improve their teaching methods. It also offers weekly goals to be achieved. With actionable feedback, the teachers are able to learn how to better teach students inside the classroom.

Rocketship is the non-profit that is a network of public charter schools for children in kindergarten through the fifth grade. It is open primarily in the areas where there are low income families and where schools with great educational backgrounds is limited.

Rocketship is blending the relationship between families and teachers which is what helps them to stand out against other schools. They empower not only teachers but also parents. Not only does the teacher and parent become empowered, the community is also empowered and inspired to help families with in their communities.

Rocketship is working hard to rethink how elementary schools operate from the ground up therefore they help rebuild how schools function and work within communities.