Igor Cornelsen Gives Advice Based on His Own Experiences

Igor Cornelsen is giving consumers something to think about. He is one of the most masterful investors of international investing, and this is what has allowed him to become an authority for many new investors. The act of taking money from a bank account and investing it in any company can be a very difficult thing for new investors to do. Many people keep their money in accounts that provide little interest. Others go for the modest returns from mutual funds, and they often have no desire to branch out.


What Igor Cornelsen has been able to do is get a lot of investors on the right track. He started an investment company, but much of the advice that he has given down through the years is free. He is the investor that has looked at investing in a completely different way. What Igor has managed to do is give people access to more than a few options. There are times when annuities are popular with investors. At other times there will be a need to consider the benefits of stocks.


The great thing about having the guidance of Cornelsen is that there a person that is providing advice based on his own experiences. He isn’t giving the perfect world predictions for what investors should do. He is telling investors that they should consider the benefits of investing internationally because he has been an international investor. Cornelsen is telling people about the benefits of diversifying because he knows that people can lose their shirts when they fail to diversify their portfolios.


All types of thing can happen when people don’t take the time to branch outside of their comfort zone. So many investors want to put their accounts on auto pilot. This is not what Igor Cornelsen recommends. He is the investor that has made it to the top by handling his own affairs. He is the investor that is stern in his beliefs. He just believes that investors should know what they are putting their money into. A passion for investing is vital for building a successful portfolio.


The Best Sectors for Business in 2017

In most cases people perceive new years as a time for new things: new attitudes, friends, jobs, but above all businesses. A list published by the American Magazine Inc, highlighting some of the best places to launch businesses. This list identifies the most lucrative sectors of the economy.






Businesses that are youth centered are good to invest in as they are sure to succeed. The magazine points out that the youth are the new millennial consumers and as such should not be ignored or bypassed. Entrepreneurs need to understand how the youth think and then design commodities that they appreciate.



Remote Work



Investment in virtual or distance jobs is also listed as a promising place to invest. Flavio says that the companies that are able to offer efficient training services for employees who are working away from their headquarters are going to grow. This remote way of working is increasingly becoming popular.



Health Sector



Unlike other generations that have come and gone, this generation is preoccupied about its health and well being. Advice on healthy living has people surfing the net and trying to style up. Applications that measure calories and help one to keep nutritional records are the next big thing.



Technological Innovations



Flavio says that technology is growing today and is being used well in business. Investment in the creation of platforms that make business administration easier and simpler is also a place to invest according to the magazine’s prognosis.






The sale of goods online is also gaining prominence among consumers. Flavio says that recent research demonstrates that close to 60% of shoppers are willing to add items they like to their cart therefore reaching the required threshold to guarantee free shipping. This is a good bet for business in 2017.



Environment Friendly Products



A lot of importance is nowadays being placed on environment friendly initiatives. Products strengthening a culture of sustainability will continue to flood the market. This is a great place for new market entrants to try.



Flavio Maluf



He is the CEO of Eucatex. He is also the chairman of the company’s board. He has a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Securus Technologies Benefits Both Individuals and Communities

Securus Technologies has been known for being one of the most optimal forms of communications for both inmates and those who would have visited them at the correctional facility that they are confined in. Unfortunately, there are still many correctional facilities that have not incorporated this particular form of communication into their communicative systems yet. If you would like to utilize this form of communication with an inmate who is confined in a correctional facility that has not had it installed, please feel free to ask the representatives who work there whether it would be possible to have it installed. The Securus Technologies website has a list of correctional facilities that are currently utilizing it as a form of communication.


Securus Technologies has been renowned as being a great catalyst of solving crimes. Unfortunately, crimes in areas of confinement continue to take place to this day. By utilizing Securus Technologies, authorities are able to utilize the conversations as pieces of evidence in court for investigative proceedings should matters of crimes be discussed. Be sure to contact a customer service representative to attain information on how you may be able to utilize this wonderful product that has been impacting individuals and whole communities.


Securus Technologies enables communications between inmates in a videoconferencing mode. The quality of the video is clear and servers are absolutely safe and secure. The only parties aside from inmates and visitors that will have access to the conversations that are conducted within the communicative lines of Securus Technologies are law enforcement officials and courts should investigations need to be conducted. It’s a program that’s been engineered and designed to meet the expectations that the creators of it had set for themselves. Do not make the mistake of overlooking this program as your form of communication when speaking to an inmate, or visitor(s) if you happen to be the inmate.


Jim Tananbaum Welcomes Dr. Molly He At Foresite Capital

Recently, Dr. Molly He joined Foresite Capital as a venture partner. The healthcare growth equity firm’s chief executive officer, Jim Tananbaum, was happy with her inclusion to the company. Dr. He brings with her 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical and genomic research and development. Previously, the scientist worked for Illumina as a senior director.

Speaking after Dr. He’s acceptance to join the Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum said that the company would benefit from her extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. He added that Dr. He is a respected researcher in the field of next-generation sequencing. He believes that the scientist’s expertise in genomics and drug development will play an integral role in the growth of Foresite Capital. The company is planning to continue diversifying its portfolio to include more transformational companies.

In her previous position, Dr. He was in charge of the company’s global protein reagent innovations and improvements. Her visionary leadership helped the company to become a world leader in the field. Before joining Illumina, Dr. He worked for Pacific Biosciences. At the biotech company, she was the head of protein sciences. She is credited for developing the company’s single molecular real-time sequencing technology. The executive leader has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over ten years.

Dr. He said that she was honored to join Foresite Capital. According to her, the company has a seasoned and dynamic team. She was optimistic that they would enhance the firm’s next-generation sequencing portfolio. In addition, Dr. Molly praised the strategic investments made by Foresite Capital. She added that such investments will revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Foresite Capital is a San Francisco-based investment company. The corporation invests in emerging healthcare companies. Owing to the increased demand for its products and services, the entity has opened an office in New York.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is the managing director of Foresite Capital. The executive leader has been working for the company since 2010. Over the years, he has helped the company to invest in promising healthcare companies.

Jim is also a shrewd entrepreneur. He is the brain behind two successful corporations, Prospect Venture Partners and Theravance. Jim is a partner at Sierra Ventures. Tananbaum is a graduate of three prestigious institutions, which are Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Yale University. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

Lime Crime’s Latest New Hair Dye

Lime Crime is by far one of the best companies in the world today in the world of makeup. They love coming up with new ways to interact and give their fans what they need. In the world of makeup, there’s so much to look out for in terms of ingredients and what you need for your face specifically. This brand knows what’s up and can provide you with what you need to succeed. There are a wide range of amazingly talented people who helped create the makeup behind Lime Crime. Today, they have a brand new addition to the brand. Unicorn Hair Dye is now a part of the company, and this is a new set of products that they have come up with that can give people the chance to color their hair with long lasting dye for several weeks.


The hair dye will last for about a good six weeks, and people are going to enjoy the way it colors the hair in a new way. With more than 10 different color shades, this hair dye is going to give you what you are looking for if you want that new bright color wrapped around your hair. The key is to remember that your hair needs to be in good condition and properly protected to ensure that it stays for a good while.


This brand does not joke around. They provide a completely organic and professionally designed product that is meant to be made with quality ingredients. It’s a brand that only wants to give their fans the best products out there. They are always going to come up with new ways to provide their users with what they need. The brand loves the new hair dye because it gives people something different and can really provide new stunning colors.


You have 13 unique choices in their lineup. They have a wide range of different colors available and can give you the perfect shine. They are known for fading away beautifully as well. Even though they disappear at some point, the brand is so beautifully capable of lasting very nicely. https://www.instagram.com/limecrimemakeup/?hl=en

E-governance Increasing Efficiency In Brazil Municipalities

Systems could come to a grinding halt if they lacked efficiency. This could waste much time for people who require essential services for their livelihood or that of their children and family members. Brazil had been offering services to her citizens in a manual way for a long time. This was not the best way despite the fact that it worked for a long time. People could only access government services during working hours. It was not enough to cater for everybody’s needs. There was also the problem of schedules getting mixed up. This meant that people were highly inconvenienced.


Things eventually changed since the municipalities in the country opted for e-governe a decade ago. The electronic system makes use of the tools of information technology to make services available for citizens. Municipalities including Osasco in Sao Paulo are training their workers on how to use the technology to increase efficiency. ICI is the organization that is tasked with implementing the e-governe system in Brazil.


Efficiency in Education

Education has many aspects. It can get quite hectic if systems are not in place. The Educação school management system is used in towns such as Teresina. It is quite useful and includes the supply of computer equipment inputs and installation. There is also a call center that helps to run the Sao Paulo Municipal Education Department. The system works for the 138 school units within the city, Continuing Education Centre, and Municipal Education Department. The system allows full-time access within these education facilities as long as you have the internet. You can get management reports in real time and without much trouble in case you need them. There are usually many shared reports within the field of education. You can easily share them with the concerned parties with the help of the system without having to repeat the entire exercise. Individuals who are worried about the security of the system should shelve them because there are controlled access privileges that are clearly defined by the administrators of the system.


Health Benefits

It is necessary to monitor the flow of patients from one unit to another as far as health is concerned. Patients end up being stuck in one unit where they become a backlog if things are not done in an orderly manner. Having a good system will ensure that anyone who needs treatment in a given region can get it whenever they want. People can get sick anytime. They should be able to get a system that runs for twenty-four hours. Patients from other municipalities should also be able to get attention from medical practitioners as soon as they want it if they go for treatment in another town. Some health centers often lose money as patients move from one area to another or when there are no proper records. Some unscrupulous people also take advantage of such situations to steal money from the centers. Having good systems in place will help to nip this in the bud and allows for efficient management of financial transfers. https://www.lovemondays.com.br/trabalhar-na-e-governe/avaliacoes

Fine Hair and WEN, The Results Are In!

For most of us, we are on the hair care product hunt that will leave our hair looking radiant, shiny, and full of life by the end of the day. And it is a constant battle to find the right products that work for your hair type. Some products leave the hair feeling dry, other products can make your hair feel greasy, and others just make it smell good. A hairdresser had been seeing the WEN commercials for some time and after some research, she bought WEN and decided a week-long trial was in order. For a breakdown of her day to day, click here.

This female has fine hair. Fine hair can be hard to manage if the products you use aren’t the right match for that hair type. Products can become to heavy for fine hair, causing hair styles to fall by midday. So on day one of this week long trial, she found that her hair wasn’t feeling like it normally does. It felt more alive, full of bounce and shine. So the first day was a success. But mid-week; she has noticed that her hair wasn’t falling into its normal routine. That it had improved as long as she washed her hair every day with Wen. By the end of the week, she could honestly say that she liked WEN. If you are one to maintain your hair daily with washings and styles, WEN is a great product for fine hair people.

WEN was developed by an upscale salon owner, Chaz Dean. He has had a love for hair that stems back to his photography days. Chaz Dean looked outside the box and wanted to do more than just hair, he developed a hair care product line that would nourish the hair from inside out. It replaces 5 different products that you normally use on your hair. It cleanses conditions, detangles, deep conditions, and acts as a leave in conditioner.

Wen products are available on Sephora stores and online on Amazon.

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/WenHairCare

The Great Achievements of JeanMarie Guenot

JeanMarie Guenot is not your typical woman. She has worked for more than twenty years in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Her academic success was obtained when she got an MBA at the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. from the University of California at San Francisco. Throughout her career, she has worked at the executive level of a lot of startups and well-established companies. That work has given her a lot of experience. Her ambition and passion for creating new businesses and making them successful have catapulted her to the highest level of modern business managers as mentioned on businesswire.com. If a person reviews her career, they can see she loves working with new businesses.

Looking at all Ms.Guenot has achieved during her career, it is obvious that she loves starting new businesses. Despite the fact that it may be an impossible task to name all of the businesses she has been employed at, it is important to focus on her major career accomplishments. The first company she worked for was Guenot, LLC.

From 2008 to 2009, JeanMarie Guenot worked for Guenot, LLC. This company that gives consulting services to businesses to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. They also provide services such as licensing, mergers and acquisitions, and financing to those industries. Then she went on to found SKS Ocular, LLC.

Read more: Maverick Therapeutics and Takeda Announce Five-year Collaboration to Advance T-Cell Engagement Therapies

Between the years of 2009 and 2012, JeanMarie Guenot founded and was the first employee of SKS Ocular, LLC. They are a biotechnology company whose main goal is to treat eye-related issues. At the present time, she is working as the CEO and President of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. This company was started in 2012 with the goal of making and manufacturing drugs that can help treat or cure diseases such as leukemia. It is important to know what Amphivena Therapeutics is and what they have accomplished.

In the year of 2013, Amphivena Therapeutics came to an agreement with Janssen Biotech and has found a way to raise over fourteen million dollars to assist in creating better and first-in-class immunotherapy for hematologic malignancies. This type of treatment has been termed by a lot of doctors as a big milestone in assisting to totally getting rid of blood cancer and help people who are at risk to live a long and healthy life. Amphivena has had a lot of success since they started working with Janssen.

Ever since Amphivena and Janssen started working together, their research has been getting better. This has been backed by the Manufacturing Director of MPM Capital, Luke Evnin when he described the process as a new anti-cancer therapy. MPM is the main inventor In Amphivena. Ms. Guenot has been playing the main role in both achievements and management of the success of Amphivena. She has pointed the company in the right direction and has assisted making the company into the success it is today.

Ms.Guenot has achieved a lot of great things academically and career wise. With the wonderful things she has accomplished in her life so far, it is no wonder what wonderful things she will do next.

Learn more about Jeanmarie Guenot: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jeanmarie-guenot

UKV PLC, Wine Advisors For Wine Enthusiasts

Over the years, having a good bottle of wine isn’t just a social statement, it’s a luxury that one invests into for their love of this beautiful drink. People all over the world try their best to find those perfect bottle of wines that can augment any occasion. But finding a perfect bottle of wine can be a daunting task, especially for people who don’t exactly know where to look.

Sure you can go to your local wine store and pick up a nice bottle of wine, but they won’t be a limited edition bottle 1984 bottle from France that has been aged to perfection. That’s when UKV PLC comes in to save the day, to help you find that perfect bottle of wine, which can make any occasion truly memorable.

UKV PLC is run by a small team of people who clearly have a love of wine. But it’s not just their love for this beautiful drink that makes this company worth the while, it’s the fact that this team has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to wines. The team of advisors at UKV PLC are also trained to be able to gauge at what their customers want and give them options which fit their needs the best. Based on their clients budget, wine taste preferences, and a bunch of other factors, UKV PLC can guide their customers on their quest for that perfect wine bottle.

The advisors are available to their clients through the company website, and are also available for one on one meetings, depending on their preference. If clients want their advisors to come and meet them at their home, the advisors at UKV PLC can do that as well. The company also works in collaboration with numerous wine suppliers and vineyards, to be able to offer their clients the widest and best range of options for their needs.

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Blogger Tests Wen on Her Fine Hair

Wen proclaims that its products are suitable for all hair types. A blogger by the name of Emily McClure on Bustle.com put their Cleansing Conditioner, their best selling product, to the test. She consistently used the conditioner over a period of 7 days and documented her experience daily. The results were rather interesting.

Emily stated that her main goal of using WEN conditioner was to add volume to her fine, limp hair. On Day 1 of her experiment she immediately noticed less hair fallout. She admitted to being surprised at the amount of product that Wen recommends you use but she followed the instructions anyway. Over the course of the week Emily stated on her Twitter that her hair appeared to be more shiny, bouncy and voluminous.

Her routine included using the conditioner followed by a blow dry and/or using a curling iron. According to Emily, her hair became so incredibly soft her hair would not maintain the curls throughout the day. However, her hair remained shiny and healthy looking. On day 6 she had a night out with friends and they commented on how healthy her hair looked.

Overall, she recommended to product to those looking for extra shine and states that it’s suitable for fine hair, such as hers.

Wen by Chaz Dean offers a line of 4 staple products that can cleanse, boost,style and treat. The signature “Wen Cleansing Conditioner” as used by Emily McClure is touted as a 5-in-1 formula that eliminates the use of other hair care products such as shampoo, deep conditioners and detanglers. Users report that their hair becomes more healthier and manageable after each use. The products are available online on Wen.com and http://chazdean.com/store.aspx in 3 different formulas; Sweet Almond Mint, Pomegranate and Lavender. Wen also offers kits that include multiple products that you can try. From the large fan base of Wen products, they are definitely worth a try.