Banyan Hill Publishing Company: Matt Badiali Freedom Checks Investment Opportunity Significance

Energy independence is the ability for the country to produce and meet its own energy needs domestically. Currently, the United States of America is not an energy independent nation as it is reliant on importing resources from other nations in order to meet its needs for energy generation. As part of the quest to propel America toward the future of energy independence in the 1980s, Congress enacted a special piece of legislation known as statue 26 – F. The statute allowed the creation of special corporate entities known as master limited partnerships. If a corporation qualified as a master limited partnership, it is able to operate in a tax-free manner. Watch this video at Youtube.

Whenever Matt Badiali discovered the existence of master limited partnerships, he referred to the payouts given to investors by the companies as Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks represent a unique way for investors to invest not only in their own financial future but in the future of American energy independence. In order for a company to qualify as a master limited partnership, they must meet a set of specific requirements. These requirements include the company having as its source of income over 90% of its revenues generated from the production, distribution, processing, and storage of oil and natural gas within the borders of the United States domestically. Not only must they generate their income from oil and natural gas but 90% of these revenues must be shared with investors through a process called distribution. It is this process that Matt Badiali is referring to whenever he speaks of Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks have several key benefits for individuals that are interested in this unique investment opportunity. Any proceeds that are generated from Freedom Checks are not treated as regular income and are instead treated as a return of capital. This entitles an individual to only be subject to capital gains tax which is taxed at a lower rate than personal income tax. Not only are the Freedom Checks that you receive from these investments tax at the capital gain tax rate, but any investment that you sell involved with a master limited partnership that generates profit will also be treated as a return of capital and only subject to the lower capital gains rate of tax. Matt Badiali believes that this is an incredibly rare opportunity for investors to generate future wealth and also to help push forward the future of the United States of America. Visit:


Ronald Fowlkes & His Accomplished Car

The Career Highlights and History of Ronald Fowlkes

When we consider every working industry in the world today, there have been many successful professionals over the years. In reality, the number of successful professionals is too large to count. As impressive as that sounds, what might sound more impressive is the fact that one professional has stood out above every other. As one of the most important professionals in recent memory and perhaps history, Ronald Fowlkes has created a career for himself that is indeed illustrious. When we reflect on the career of Ronald Fowlkes, describing it as accomplished is perhaps an understatement. Over the years, perhaps no other professional has been as diverse yet unique with their careers as has Ronald Fowlkes has been with his. In other words, the number of accomplishments that Ronald Fowlkes has been able to add to his career resume far exceeds that of any other professional. As amazing as that sounds, Ronald Fowlkes still does not get enough recognition than he deserves. Simply put, Ronald Fowlkes still has so much more to his successful ways. All in all, Ronald Fowlkes has established himself as the standard of excellence to many other professionals. Not only has his brilliance as a professional allowed him to become such a sought-after and highly-regarded individual but, it has allowed him to spread his vast knowledge for the advancement of other. If that does not show how great Ronald Fowlkes is as both a person and a professional, who knows what else does. So, to further understand his work and how he has become so significant to so many people, here is more on the career highlights of Ronald Fowlkes.


More on Ronald Fowlkes & Career Highlights

As alluded to before, Ronald Fowlkes has made his way to the top of his field in numerous ways. Although, without rambling on about his countless career accolades, here are a few that have made him a household name. For one, Ronald Fowlkes has had a very impressive stint as a Department of Defense Contractor working for the military. Worth mentioning, this is after having a successful journey as a marine himself. On these two facts alone, Ronald Fowlkes has already surpassed many other individuals in terms of accomplishments. Nonetheless, Ronald Fowlkes has also been very successful as both a law enforcement personnel and a member of a SWAT Team. Also worth mentioning, these two accomplishments alone add more than a decade worth of work experience. To get a sense for his incredible career, these are just some of many other career accolades. Currently, Ronald Fowlkes is unsurprisingly succeeding as Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement for a large company. Overall, there is no doubt that Ronald will continue to succeed as he always has.


Octavio de Lazari Junior, Named As New President Confirmed Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Octavio de Lazari Junior, Named As New President Confirmed Luiz Carlos Trabuco
Earning a Graduates degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science of Osasco, and holding a specialization in Financial and Marketing from Fundacao Instituto de Administracao, Octavio de Lazari Junior, the 5th president to led Bradesco has been part of the company since 1978. Octavio de Lazari Junior was an Agency Manager, before he became the Director of Credit. As the Director of Credit, Octavio de Lazari Junior focused the department to work with retail segment, as well as small and medium sized companies. Octavio de Lazari Junior would be named the Department Director of Loans and Financing in 2010. In 2012 Octavio de Lazari Junior would be appointed to the Board of Directors Officers, and Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of Bradesco in 2017.

The incumbent, Luiz Carlos Trabuco spoke about the processes Bradesco must follow in selecting the president, he and bank support the decision to appoint Octavio de Lazari Junior, despite some pushback at the choice by some of the fellow council members. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, has been with Bradesco since 1969, and since that time has worked is a wide variety of capacities, giving him a unique perspective on the overall best interests of the company. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, began as a bank clerk, before he became the Director of Marketing in 1984. During Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s tenure as director of marketing he encouraged a more transparent and open relationship with the media. In 1992 Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the Executive Director and President of the Bradesco’s private pension company. By 1999 Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the Vice President, and Chief Executive from 1999 to 2005. Luiz Carlos Trabuco would become the company’s 4th president in 2009. It took less five years for Luiz Carlos Trabuco to begin what turned out to be the biggest financial deal in Brazil in 2015.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the president, and with the approval of Lazaro Brandao, the current Chairman of Bradesco’s council bought HSBC’s Brazil division in a $5.2 billion deal. This acquisition named Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Entrepreneur of the year by Money magazine. Now with the retirement letter of Lazaro Brandao, officially marking his retirement, after a 75 year career, and 27 of them on the council, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was faced with the added pressure of making the new president announcement 30 days before the March 12th 2018 AGO (Ordinary General Assembly), as required by the Central Bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco added, now that Octavio de Lazari Junior will be the next president, we had to find someone to take the vice president position Octavio de Lazari Junior was appointed to in 2017. Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme, who has been with the bank since he was 13 has been confirmed to be the new Vice President.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco revealed there are some challenges ahead for Octavio de Lazari Junior as the new president. A issue Bradesco has is the number of customers who still don’t use a digital solution for banking, of the 27 million customers only 14 million are using a digital banking tool.


Latest Moves By Kodak Show Cause For Concern And Sahm Adrangi Advises Investors To Stay Away

Kerrisdale Capital has recently published their own report regarding the current status and business efforts of the company Kodak. Most people have heard of this company at some point since they used to be a major player in the photography market at one time. As of late, Kodak has been catching the eye of investors because of their enormous increase in stock value, which increased roughly 190 percent in a matter of days. According to Sahm Adrangi, CEO of Kerrisdale Capital, this is because of their involvement with crypto groups. Right after Kodak stated they were going into business with cryptocurrency groups is when their share prices rose. This has lead Sahm to believe that their shares are just overpriced for the time being and will likely go down, which is normal in cryptocurrency.

Sahm Adrangi is warning every investor that he can to avoid Kodak for the time being due to their somewhat shady business practice as of late. Only a few years ago, Kodak had to file a chapter 11 to stay in business because of their lack of management and upgrades, but today they have done very little to change that. In fact, Sahm Adrangi believes Kodak management has not changed their direction at all other than forming an alliance with a cryptocurrency group. This means that Kodak will ultimately succumb to the same fate as before once their share prices inevitable drop again.

Kerrisdale is currently holding the short position with Kodak, and should the company go under, Kerrisdale will profit. This is all the more reason for investors out there to stay away from the company. Sahm Adrangi is hardly wrong when it comes to his investment insight into various markets and companies. This is how he managed to grow Kerrisdale Capital into a multi-million dollar corporation. All things considered, when dealing with a company that has a troubled past and a future that is unsure, it is best to stay away until things settle down and become steady before investing with Kodak.


Jeff Yastine is an expert in his career field of journalism. He undertook his Journalism degree at the prestigious University of Florida. He is a jack of all trades as he has been involved in various activities that have form part of his career. He is both a successful journalist and an avid investor in the financial world. Follow Jeff Yastine on

His career started soon after finishing university as he was employed as a reporter for a local television station where he worked in areas around North Carolina that we’re dealing with markets. In 1993, he was hired by PBS for their Nightly Business report program. He was the anchor and correspondent of the show. In his role, he got to interview some of the most influential business people mostly in the United States. Through the program, Jeff Yastine was able to help identify early investment opportunities for NBR’s viewers.

At PBS, he was also a financial reporter, and he got to report on various economic issues happening around the world. He covered lots of stories including the 2010 oil spill at the Deepwater Horizon and the 2005 Hurricane Katrina. Jeff Yastine also got to report on significant investment stories on small-scale enterprises, the turnaround in major corporations, the mid 2002s real estate crisis and the rise and fall of the 1990’s dot-com.


Currently, Jeff Yastine works for Banyan Hill Publishing Company as the Editorial Director. He is also the Editor of the company’s Total Wealth Insider. Yastine also is a weekly contributor on various columns including where he shares with his viewers the multiple opportunities that are good to invest in. He further helps investors to understand the financial trends by highlighting profit-making ventures that the Banyan’s financial editors bring forth. His weekly contributions are featured on Banyan’s Sovereign Investor Daily and the Winning Investor Daily.

Jeff Yastine journalism career shot a notch higher with his famous expose on the Kennedy Accounts. His investigations brought to light the issue of the stock markets and how the then President J.F Kennedy used it to help stabilize the economy. The research showed how one could use the accounts to purchase stocks at $5 or even $10 below their current market prices. These led to people massively raking up gains that ran into millions of dollars. Many people began to doubt if the accounts were real or a scam, but the investigation finally concluded that the Kennedy accounts were real, but its existence was shrouded in secrecy since the “big guys” did not want people to know about it. Read this article at

Jason Hope Supports Anti-Aging In Biotech Industry

Jason Hope found success and wealth after graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in finance and an MBA. When he started up several technology-focused companies, he quickly became world-renowned. More recently Hope focuses his efforts on advising and philanthropic donations. A man of many passions, he is very passionate about the SENS Foundation. He has millions of dollars into the organization, of note in 2010 for $500,000, but the cause is helping SENS to help more than just a few people.

SENS is a non-profit organization that is researching anti-aging cures that it wants all of humankind to have access to; additionally, this is something Jason Hope believes is essential for the advancement of medicine. Today, most drugs treat diseases that are a result of the aging process after they have already appeared. Jason Hope, on the other hand, sees the SENS Foundations goals as far more beneficial as they aim to develop rejuvenation biotechnologies that can stop the aging process in its tracks and reverse it.

To do this, they are targeting diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes to name a few, and researching their cause as well as treatable characteristics that will help them to reverse their effects on the human body. With donations like Jason Hope and others, this process is moving along at a rapid pace. Connectivity for Life: Jason Hope Predicts the Future of the Internet of Things

Aubrey de Grey, Chief Scientific Officer at SENS Foundation, asserts that Jason Hope’s donations are helping them to move forward where regulatory bodies do not see the benefits of their research yet. They have been able to further study Arteriosclerosis (the hardening of arteries) more effectively, for example. They understand now that this particular aspect of the aging process can cause high blood pressure, bringing with it the onset diabetes. It is the result of an accumulation of molecular bonds between proteins holding arteries in place and can also long-sightedness as well as the aging of the skin. Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope Predicts the End of Aging

This discovery only clarifies a piece of an ever-growing puzzle, that the aging process consists of a myriad of interconnected reactions occurring within the body. With continued support from people like Jason Hope and further research, they will begin to understand the aging process as a whole better and develop treatments that can reverse them. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

While Jason Hope remains a well-rounded individual, he is passionate about seeking solutions that can benefit humankind as a whole. His efforts, as well as those of Aubrey De Grey, will continue to shape medicine and technology for years to come. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Innovation Led By AIA And Universities

Robert Ivy is the current CEO of the American Institute of Architecture, and he has some big plans for the future. At a time when technology is playing a pivotal role in many industries that may not have benefited from it ten or even twenty years ago, Ivy is hoping to change that for the architectural community. At the Clinton Global Initiative, CGI, meeting held in New York City, Ivy made a slew of announcements that put health and architecture in the same arena.

The first is a 10-year commitment by the American Institute of Architecture to develop new technology solutions for cities to tackle public health, sustainability and resiliency better. Dubbed “Decade of Design” the goal is to fund three projects based at universities across the United States focused on the development of such technologies.

Texas A&M University is one of the universities selected by AIA. Their project entitled “Evaluating Health Benefits of Livable Communities” will be a toolkit designed to measure health impacts of structures. With their project, they plan to develop a Leadership in Energy, and Environment Design (LEED) in a development projected located in Austin, Texas.

The other university selected was the University of Arkansas with their project “Fayetteville 2030: Creating Food City Scenario Plan,” which will focus on the development of local food infrastructure as a result of rapid growth.

Lastly, the University of New Mexico and its project titled, “Establishing Interdisciplinary Health Architecture Curriculum.”

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In addition to the universities selected by AIA and Robert Ivy will host a hackathon, they are calling, “Show Us Your APPtitude Hackathon.” Not only an excellent play on words but also an initiative with the purpose of promoting the creation of apps and technologies that will nurture more collaboration between architects and software programmers.

Robert Ivy believes that there is a relationship between health and architectural design, but the missing piece that remains is proof. He firmly believes buildings can positively (or negatively) impact the lives of the people working within it and the surrounding community.

Health and architectural design are two big pushes Robert Ivy wants to make this year and in the years to come. Last year at CGI, they made a year-long commitment to getting stalled projects make into the works, but now he wants to push harder on something that could be a great benefit to not on their industry, but also technology as a whole.

It is an exciting time for the architectural community that has sought after pushes like this for some time. It is also clear that Robert Ivy is not wasting any time to ensure that real-world implications can be uncovered and understood by the industry with these investments and studies.

The American Institute of Architects happens to be a professional Organization that consists of tons of different architects from all over the United States. The main headquarters for the organization is located in Washington DC. Through the American Institute of architects, they are able to offer government advocacy, education, a community redevelopment and also public education, that helps to support the architecture professional field and help to improve its public image. The organization also likes to work with other members from across the United States to help design and also construct within the building industry. Now a professional group with more than 90,000 members and over 200 chapters, the American Institute of Architects is one of the most influential lobbying groups in the U.S.

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A Few Tips For Ending Your Quarter From NGP VAN.

The end of a quarter is often stressful when a campaign is getting ready to come to an end. Some of your goals have been achieved and others had to be changed because if you missed the deadlines and you made adjustments of your goals. Because we know that this time of closure can be stressful NGP VAN wants to offer a few times to lighten the load. We know if you use these tips, the end of your quarter will be much easier to deal with.

Tip Number One: This first time is to simply never run out of ideas. Now, here at NGP VAN we understand that might sound hard to do. However, if you keep a few of your best ideas close at hand you can recreate or jump start another set of goals and reach them based on what has worked in the past. A great example of this is someone who sends a weekly email, it never hurts to use other things in the emails designed to increase your readers response and to keep them reading. Give them a reason to read the current email, saying things like we have had an increase in email subscribers this week or our social media apps have been growing by leaps and bounds. You could add a graph or thermometer to show the readers that you are reaching your goals or how much more there is to go. You could also share the average amount that supporters donate or what an average product costs and ask for the sale. One more thing that can be done is to share what other people say about you and your product or service.

Tip Number Two: Advanced writing is your friend. Get those emails ready to go. Write the first one, write the second one and continue with the third one. You can always go back and add details and change things up. The key is to keep the flow and be ready with the emails.

Tip Number Three: Stay Focused And Organized. We started this is tip number two but, keep it going by using a planning system such as a calendar that focuses on the end of the quarter. NGP VAN has organized these tips to help you get the most out of your business goals. At NGP VAN we help people organize and create successful campaigns that are result driven. NGP VAN is a privately owned company based in Washington D.C.. Outside of being the leading software for progressive and democratic campaigns, NGP VAN is also committed to various progressive causes like providing LGBTQ-friendly tools for voter databases.

Medical Technology Investor Ara Chackerian

TMS Health Solutions provides treatment for individuals suffering from treatment-resistant depression in the form of transcranial magnetic stimulation. This technology is becoming more widespread, due in part to entrepreneur and investor Ara Chackerian.

Chackerian, who graduated from Florida State University, has long been interested in the medical industry. He has over ten years of experience constructing and operating outpatient radiology offices.

Ara Chackerian and his business partner Brad Hummel decided to invest in the emerging field of transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. They were astounded by the capabilities of the technology, and they wanted to make it available to more people.

The two met a man who had a similar goal. Dr. Richard Bermudas, an expert in the field of transcranial magnetic therapy, had been trying to make the treatment more available to common people.

Dr. Bermudas had met with some issues, the largest being that most medical insurance companies did not cover the cost of transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy in their policies.

When looking into the active model of outpatient psychiatric therapy, Chackerian discovered that the industry was not built around supporting device-based treatment such as transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Ara Chackerian hired New York-based architect Josh Heitler to design the prototype TMS Health Solutions. Josh Heitler had previously designed offices for end-user focused business. He designed the TMS Health Solutions office to be different from other offices. The office was over 3000 square feet and was designed to be tranquil, allowing patients to feel at ease. Check out tmshealthsolutions

Since partnering together, Chackerian, Hummel, and Dr. Bermudas had built seven TMS Health Solutions offices in California. Chackerian has also begun to look into new medical technology. He is interested in digital medical breakthroughs. He expects technology like telemedicine and digital assisted healthcare apps to be the next big trends in the world of medical technology.

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Adam Milstein; Fighting Anti-Semitism from all Fronts

Adam Milstein is a man of many trades. He has excelled in the business world as a real estate entrepreneur and in the social scene through philanthropy. Adam has offered financial and ethical support to many organizations involved in promoting rights of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. He has also been instrumental in strengthening ties between Israel and the United States of America. In fact, Adam Milstein is the national chairperson of the Israeli-American Council.

He is currently the president of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which, he co-founded with his wife, Gila. He has also become a reputable author taking the pro-Semitic campaign to the writing arena. Follow Adam Milstein on Linkedin.

In his latest article on anti-Semitism alliances around the globe, Adam Milstein points out how various groups are working together to delegitimize the nation of Israel. He believes that the groups are increasingly sharing ideas to strengthen their campaigns which are built on hate, bigotry, and racism. Adam believes that the anti-Israel narrative is the cornerstone of the existence of some of these groups. In principle, their activities revolve around fighting and sullying Israel and its people.

Adam Milstein is concerned with the spread of anti-Semitic leftism in learning institutions. Indeed, it is an indication that the future existence of Jewish people in America and beyond is threatened. It has been reinforced by the open support people in leadership positions on international platforms. One of these people is Linda Sarsour; a political activist involved organizing the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. She openly recognized and appreciated the role played by one of the co-conspirators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. These have made her a hero and a role model to the radical groups. Read more about Adam Milstein at

Adam also points out that the trend is on a further increase with the recent expelling of three people for having Stars of David on their pride flags in two rallies in Chicago. Participants of the rallies were also encouraged to attend an inherently anti-Semitic speech by Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinian terrorist.

As an author, Adam Milstein has found a platform to push his work to the international scene and illustrate the need for harmonious co-existence and mutual respect despite the different ethnic and social backgrounds.