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Now I See It: Dr. Tom Chang MD

Dr. Tom Chang is a man who has dedicated himself to the art of helping people see with their eyes. The technical term for this is Ophthalmology. He is dedicated to one specific area of disease and that is diabetic eye syndrome. During his time caring for patients with this disease, Tom Chang MD has noticed that his occupation has changed quite a bit over the years. Here is a little more on the life and times Of Dr. Tom Chang MD. 


He started off as a student and earned his degree at the University of Toronto. At one point he became a professor himself and was able to teach people about the eye and what it means. Then Tom Chang MD became interested in the technological side of things and took notice of how sharp machines can be. He was able to use technology to come a long way in the treatment of diabetic eye disease. 


One of the things that Dr. Tom Chang takes a look at when examining the eye is the retina. He wants to make sure that things are working in good order. These kinds of things go back thousands of years to ancient historians like Aristotle. The eyes have played an important role in history. Dr. Tom Chang MD is continuing the history of evolving technology. Even in the past decades, it has moved forward by leaps and bounds. Now he is setting the groundwork for the next generation. He likes being able to share his vast knowledge with other doctors.