Lime Crime’s Latest New Hair Dye

Lime Crime is by far one of the best companies in the world today in the world of makeup. They love coming up with new ways to interact and give their fans what they need. In the world of makeup, there’s so much to look out for in terms of ingredients and what you need for your face specifically. This brand knows what’s up and can provide you with what you need to succeed. There are a wide range of amazingly talented people who helped create the makeup behind Lime Crime. Today, they have a brand new addition to the brand. Unicorn Hair Dye is now a part of the company, and this is a new set of products that they have come up with that can give people the chance to color their hair with long lasting dye for several weeks.


The hair dye will last for about a good six weeks, and people are going to enjoy the way it colors the hair in a new way. With more than 10 different color shades, this hair dye is going to give you what you are looking for if you want that new bright color wrapped around your hair. The key is to remember that your hair needs to be in good condition and properly protected to ensure that it stays for a good while.


This brand does not joke around. They provide a completely organic and professionally designed product that is meant to be made with quality ingredients. It’s a brand that only wants to give their fans the best products out there. They are always going to come up with new ways to provide their users with what they need. The brand loves the new hair dye because it gives people something different and can really provide new stunning colors.


You have 13 unique choices in their lineup. They have a wide range of different colors available and can give you the perfect shine. They are known for fading away beautifully as well. Even though they disappear at some point, the brand is so beautifully capable of lasting very nicely.

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