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James Gutierrez – Finding solutions; improving situations; making a difference for minorities

James Gutierrez has devoted his professional career to finding workable ways to close the ‘wealth gap’, which has been growing in America for decades. According to him, this is a broken system that can be fixed from a middle-up direction if responsible companies help to move lower-income households to a more stable situation, while at the same time working to lobby for regulations that support this change.

According to percentages, the people that are being targeted for high-interest loans, banking relationships, and credit are the very people that will eventually default, creating hardships for them, and making that wealth gap even bigger.

This is hurting minority families even more than average white families, these hardships have been felt for many years now in the minority sector, and history has shown that during the housing crash of 2007-2009, black people had a hard time recovering, as opposed to white people with the average black household losing 40% of non-home equity wealth during recovery from 2009 – 2011.

With Covid19 still at our heels, recovery for minority workers getting back into the field as opposed to white workers has been difficult. Unemployment rates among white workers fell to 12.4% while minorities fell to 16.8%, which they’re saying is the highest in the decade. It seems to be the same health-wise with Covid19, and there are no tailored offerings to black or brown communities as far as decent life insurance. This is one of the reasons James Gutierrez is currently developing a mobile-first platform that will provide insurance and banking solutions to the Latin, Latinx, black, and other underserved populations.

James Gutierrez is spearheading change and creating solutions by dreaming up new approaches on how to help. Ideas include a reporting scheme backed by government benefits and measuring company values. Shareholders will see where these companies stand and receive lower tax rates on capital gains.

He is already developing new solutions to financial inequalities by launching new innovative platforms tailoring the needs of underserved consumers.

Believing it will work, James Gutierrez is well on his way to creating a change for minorities to find workable solutions and close the wealth gap to help make America prosperous again.

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