Robert Deignan- Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Robert Deignan, entrepreneur and sports enthusiast, was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Deignan graduated from Purdue University after being given a full ride from a football scholarship. He graduated with a degree in organizational leadership in 1995; soon after, his life of many careers took off.

His love for sports led him to begin a career in playing football with the Miami Dolphins. He soon transferred and began a career with the NY Jets from 1997 until 1998. His love of sports continues today as he competes in offshore fishing competitions.

Once resigned from his football days, Deignan co-founded Fanlink Inc. The company is no longer active, as Deignan went another direction in his businesses, but for him, it will always be the business that kick-started his entrepreneurial life.

Deignan works best when he is cut off from work. His love for the outdoors allows him to disconnect thereby coming more creative. As ideas flow, he writes them down, then takes those notes to the computer and does more research. His research then allows him to take his ideas to his business partners who can tell him in whether his new business idea has promise or not. This is the pattern he used when he pitched his business plan for ATS Digital Services.

Prior to its beginning, Robert Deignan and his now business partners were working at an anti-malware software company. They all had a hard time installing software on client’s machines so they found a way to remotely access user’s computers in order to help them remove malware, and to keep the computers running efficiently. This sparked the idea for the beginning of ATS Digital Services. By utilizing what they learned on remote connection, they could build trust with clients and create opportunities to help consumers fix their computers.

The men knew they stumbled on to a great business opportunity. Founded in 2011 in Boca Raton, Florida, the company remains customer oriented. They ensure a safe and stable computer at all times. In the past 7 years they have proved themselves knowledgeable and trustworthy, allowing them to expand internationally.

Jeunesse Global continues brisk expansion throughout Asia

One of the most fortuitous decisions that Jeunesse Global founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis made upon starting their company was that they would focus on the burgeoning East Asian market as a primary venue for their sales. This decision was the product of both Ray and Lewis having travelled and worked extensively throughout the region, which left them impressed with the vast amount of high-grade human capital seen there. Both Ray and Lewis came to the understanding that the communism that had run rampant throughout Asia over the latter half of the 20th century had badly stilted the true potential of the region. Now that capitalist reforms had begun in earnest, Ray and Lewis expected to see an explosion of growth and productivity throughout the region, representing one of the richest opportunities for entrepreneurs that had ever existed.

Both Ray and Lewis proved to be spot on in their analyses. Today, Jeunesse Global continues to quickly grow sales throughout the East Asia region, marking the definitive sine qua non of the company’s global operations. One of the secrets behind the rapid success there has been Ray’s ability to quickly bring on board some of the top distribution talent in the area. From the beginning, Jeunesse had some of the top direct sellers in East Asia working on its behalf. This caused the region’s downlines to grow very fast, with Jeunesse barely being able to keep up with the sharp increases in sales that the region generated through the early years of the company.

But, arguably, the real key behind the enormous success in the region has been Jeunesse’s ability to spot unmet market needs and then tailor products that meet the strenuous demands of the East Asian market while having enough crossover potential to be sold in high volumes throughout North American and elsewhere.

Products like the company’s NV foundation and bronzer reflect this fact. NV comes in nine different shades and can be used by East Asian consumers as a mild skin lightener. But the inverse is also true. For those requiring a darker look in America, NV can darken skin by a few shades.

Adam Milstein’s changing the perception of the world towards the Jewish community

The Jewish community is again going through a rough patch after a campaign tagged as the boycott divestment and sanctions (BDS) was formed. Its primary priority is to create a barrier between the Jewish community around the world and the state of Israel. As if that is not bad enough polls show that after a period of successfully fighting it, antisemitism against Jews is again on the rise with statistics showing that it increased by 17% in 2017.

Even with that being the case, in his recent Jerusalem post, Adam Milstein is pretty optimistic that the Jewish race has a bright future in America. According to Milstein, the community has survived worse situations before due to great leadership. For instance, he cited various leaders such as Col. Mickey Marcus who left America back in 1948 to help Israel during the First World War. He successfully did so and even became the first modern general of Israel.

So how does that relate to the challenges that the Jewish community is facing today? Adam goes on to add that the problems facing them today are different from the ones which they went through several decades ago. In respect to that they demand a new set of high caliber leaders which he is certain will emerge soon. This is because he comes across and interacts with these budding leaders every day as he serves his duty of being a pro-Israel philanthropist and activist.

Even though he knows that the task ahead is no walk in the park as they will have to make tough decisions, they’ll be isolated and become subject to ridicule, Adam is certain that they are the ones who will shape the future of the Jewish community in America. Hence he is optimistic that the world will start viewing the Jewish Society from a positive perspective and that this will begin in America.

About Adam Milstein

Adam is a force to reckon in the world of real estate and is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He was born in Israel and is the firstborn in the family of three. Even though he is quite successful now, Adam has had a long way coming. For instance, at only the tender age of 19, Mr. Milstein had to fight as a combat sailor for his country during the war of independence.

However, he did not let the challenges deter him from seeking his dreams and holds a degree in business and economics. Ever since he was young, Adam Milstein has always showed his thirst for success. While studying he used to work with his father in their real estate construction company which is where he gained the impressive skills he prides himself on today.

Besides being a renowned real estate investor, Adam Milstein is also known for being vocal about the Jewish community in diaspora connecting with its roots in Israel. He uses his position in the society to make this possible and even formed the Adam and Gila Milstein family foundation together with his wife to ensure that Jewish students and young professionals get the opportunity to connect better. He is also the co-founder and chairman of the Israeli-American Council. Adam also sits as a board member on various organizations which are in the same mission such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and various others.

Logan Stout Would Enjoy Everything More If Given The Chance To Start Over

Logan Stout is someone who has found success as a speaker and a businessman. He is the Founder and the CEO of IDLife, a company that puts out nutritional products and helps people to live healthy lives.

This businessman has done much good, but he has shared that he wishes that he had enjoyed the road to where he is at a little more than he did. If he had the chance to start over again, he has shared that he would enjoy the process and the people he interacted with a little more. He wishes that he had soaked it all up.

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There are some who work hard to better themselves, and Logan Stout is one of those people. When he was asked about something that he does in his life and that he thinks that others should do, he shared that he invests in personal development. He believes that people should pay attention to the thoughts that are in their heads and think about what they mean for their lives according to

Logan Stout is someone who has shared that he starts his day with reading his Bible and having quiet time. He likes to spend time reading from a book that he feels is important. When he was asked if there is a book that he would recommend to others, he brought up the Bible. He shared that he believes that people of all faiths can learn from the leadership that is shown in the Bible. He feels that the Bible is an important book for anyone to read.

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Boraie Development’s Incredible Real Estate Projects

According to a blog published through Central Jersey Working Moms, Omar Boraie is initially from Egypt where he was born and raised. Omar later moved to New Brunswick to continue with his education. Mr. Boraie has a Ph. D. in Chemistry which he earned in the new environment of New Brunswick. However, with time Omar’s original plans diverted to a different business idea. He came to admire the real estate sector. Omar’s inspiration led him to start his real estate venture. In 1975 the city of New Brunswick was not undergoing developments in all industries as an urban city. Omar Boraie recognized the opportunity and decided to buy plots as well as the abandoned buildings along Albany Street. For more details visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

About eight years later, Sam Boraie had managed to complete his first project that is, the Albany Street Plaza Tower One. It was in 1988 when Mr. Boraie opened the plaza providing the residents of New Brunswick with first-class offices. Omar had other projects planned such as the Albany Street Plaza Tower Two, opened in 2007 and the One Spring Street condominium. The condominium had about 120 apartments of different dimensions and designs. Omar’s company is referred to as Boraie Development, and currently, the firm still purchases abandoned structures to transform them to stunning, sophisticated properties. Omar Boraie is also a Genomic scientist.

Boraie Development currently provides vast services all over New Brunswick such as development, real estate, management of property and property marketing. The professionals at Boraie are committed to change the city to a destination with captivating properties. The Boraie team is made up of innovative architects, well-established financial institutions, and talented contractors to serve the clients efficiently. Omar has led the company for more than four decades. Omar’s son followed his father’s footsteps, and he holds the company’s Vice President Position. Wasseem Boraie, Omar’s son, brought up new ways to transform a demolition site to a lavish and classy area.

Wasseem took on a project to renovate an area that had undergone an incident that rendered the place worthless and managed to put it back on the market. Omar has the gift to turn anything cheap to something fascinating and beautiful. Wasseem seems to have the same trait. The recent project Omar Boraie worked on is the enchanting and fantastic high-rise residential named The Aspire. The Aspire is situated on Somerset Street. Omar together with Wasseem, have made New Brunswick a beautiful and wonderful city. -Entrepreneurs in the Real Estate Industry

What Most People Do Not Know About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is one of the most successful real estate entrepreneurs in the country. He got into real estate in 1995, and in the past 22 years, he has managed to move from an entry level realtor to the owner of a real estate investment portfolio worth millions of dollars. Todd Lubar was finance major at the University; naturally, people expected that when he graduated, he would be getting into the world of finance. This is actually what he tried for a while before he realized that he had a passion for real estate.

Todd Lubar states that starting out in real estate was not easy for him. His biggest challenge was getting the capital he would have needed to start investing. Todd decided that he would start by creating connections with players in the business. This was a smart move because the contacts which he got from realtors, real estate attorneys, and CPAs helped him when he decided to start his referral business.

The other business that he had always set his heart on was the mortgage. Todd had realized that there was a gap in the industry, in that people who did not have the conventionally healthy credit scores had little to no chance of getting a mortgage. He decided that he was going to create a lending platform that would enable these people to access mortgages. Magnus Financial Corp helped him get the funding that he needed for these clients. To date, Todd boasts to have helped more than 7,000 Americans who might have never qualified for a mortgage before own homes.

For many years, Todd has been ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators in the country, see He has worked in diverse conditions for many years, which has given him a lot of experience in various aspects of entrepreneurship. Other businesses that he had ventured into include a demolition business and recycling business. He once owned a nightclub too. He currently lives in Bethesda Maryland with his wife and children. The journey Todd has taken to success in real estate investing is an inspiration to many people who want to venture into business.

Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne Adds Entertainment Royalty To The Weekly Podcast Lineup

It was recently announced that another talk entertainment show will be joining the PodcastOne lineup hosted by a legend in the entertainment industry. Norman Lear, writer, producer, director, creator of many popular sitcoms such as Good Times, Maude, and All In The Family, and most importantly World War 2 veteran, will be hosting All Of The Above With Norman Lear on a weekly basis. Learn more:


All Of The Above will cover a range of topics as wide as Mr. Lear’s resume. From politics to sports and everything in between, Mr. Lear will be touching on the topics of today. Norman will have a Co host, actor/composer Paul Hip, and Norman will interview politicians, celebrities, and the American public. All Of The Above began in May can be subscribed to by signing up on the PodcastOne network or through the iTunes app. Mr. Lear stated that he is excited to host a show covering a wide variety of topics and considers everyone his peer, even though he is almost 95. PodcastOne founder, Norman Pattiz also stated that he was delighted to welcome another Norman to the podcast family.


This latest podcast is one of many success for founder, Norman Pattiz. Mr. Pattiz has had a long career in the broadcast media starting out in the 1970’s with the formation of the media giant Westwood One. While serving as owner and Chairman of the Board at Westwood One, Norman broadcaster, owned or published the Summer and Winter Olympics, the Superbowl, and NBC radio among others.


Norman Pattiz has served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors for two United States Presidents. Mr. Pattiz founded the only non military US sponsored Arabic television channel in the middle east, Alhurra Television, and was a driving force behind Radio Sawa, the BBC’s around the clock radio network. Mr. Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009 for all of his significant contributions to broadcasting. To read more about Mr. Pattiz and his broadcast career, please click here.