Did Troy McQuagge Deserve the Accolade?

On the 18th of August, 2016, the USHEALTH Group, Inc. fraternity, and the family and friends of veteran health insurance, corporate executive Troy McQuagge had a special reason over which to make merry. A large multitude congregated for the prestigious annual CEO World Awards brought smiles to numerous CEOS of companies from;

  • Europe,
  • Africa,
  • the Middle East,
  • North America,
  • and Latin America. The Awards were held in Grapevine, Texas. Among the various CEOs and companies which were honored rightfully for the outstanding contribution they have made in their markets, Troy was perhaps the most deserving. The organizers of the CEO World Awards strive to identify and honor outstanding efforts which heavily feature certain corporate virtues such as leadership, organizational performance, new products, innovation, and corporate social responsibility.

Did Troy McQuagge Deserve the Accolade?

Mr. Troy McQuagge received the much coveted gold award for being the world’s most innovative CEO in the Insurance Market that year. In lieu of the immense and measurable contribution that the executive leadership of Troy in his service at USHEALTH Group, Inc., the accolade was much deserved.

Mr. Troy joined USHEALTH Group, Inc. as the President and CEO in 2011 after serving the HealthMarkets Agency Marketing Group as its President and CEO so well that it managed to achieve more than one billion dollars in sales revenue.

After joining USHEALTH Group, Inc., he went on to tweak its operations and increase its operational performance and ultimately, the company’s profitability.

By optimizing the company’s marketing and customer service as well as introduction of well-packaged products, Mr. Troy managed to grow the company ten times more than its initial capital equity in four years of stunning growth. The company, four years after his employment, is valued at 1078 percent of its evaluation then.

Experience in the Insurance Market

Troy McQuagge, who hails from from Panama City, Florida, is a corporate executive who schooled at the University of Central Florida. Immediately after he completed schooling, he ventured into the medical insurance world at a sales level. Learn more about Troy McQuagge US Health: https://www.corporationwiki.com/Texas/Fort-Worth/troy-mcquagge/67287003.aspx and http://www.ushealthfamily.com/awards/

He worked hard to make commissions through sales. Over the years, he earned a good reputation as well as experience on how to brand and sell competitive but profitable insurance profits. He is associated with about nine companies of which eight are still reported to be active.

The man got to work with reputable companies like Allstate Insurance as early as in 1983 and UICI/Health Market in 1995. Other companies that the innovative insurance expert served before joining USHEALTH Group, Inc. include Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, Ushealth Career Agency, Inc., Ushealth Advisors, LLC, Small Business Insurance Advisors, Inc., Foundation Financial Services, Inc., and Precision Dialing Services, Inc.

According to Glassdoor, Mr. Troy McQuagge, on receiving the gold award for Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance, asserted that the award did not represent his personal achievement.

Rather, he made it clear that the aspects of performance that qualified him for the award were a reflection of the company as a united front to provide the most innovative solutions for its entire clientele.

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