Robert Deignan- Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Robert Deignan, entrepreneur and sports enthusiast, was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Deignan graduated from Purdue University after being given a full ride from a football scholarship. He graduated with a degree in organizational leadership in 1995; soon after, his life of many careers took off.

His love for sports led him to begin a career in playing football with the Miami Dolphins. He soon transferred and began a career with the NY Jets from 1997 until 1998. His love of sports continues today as he competes in offshore fishing competitions.

Once resigned from his football days, Deignan co-founded Fanlink Inc. The company is no longer active, as Deignan went another direction in his businesses, but for him, it will always be the business that kick-started his entrepreneurial life.

Deignan works best when he is cut off from work. His love for the outdoors allows him to disconnect thereby coming more creative. As ideas flow, he writes them down, then takes those notes to the computer and does more research. His research then allows him to take his ideas to his business partners who can tell him in whether his new business idea has promise or not. This is the pattern he used when he pitched his business plan for ATS Digital Services.

Prior to its beginning, Robert Deignan and his now business partners were working at an anti-malware software company. They all had a hard time installing software on client’s machines so they found a way to remotely access user’s computers in order to help them remove malware, and to keep the computers running efficiently. This sparked the idea for the beginning of ATS Digital Services. By utilizing what they learned on remote connection, they could build trust with clients and create opportunities to help consumers fix their computers.

The men knew they stumbled on to a great business opportunity. Founded in 2011 in Boca Raton, Florida, the company remains customer oriented. They ensure a safe and stable computer at all times. In the past 7 years they have proved themselves knowledgeable and trustworthy, allowing them to expand internationally.

Jeunesse Global continues brisk expansion throughout Asia

One of the most fortuitous decisions that Jeunesse Global founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis made upon starting their company was that they would focus on the burgeoning East Asian market as a primary venue for their sales. This decision was the product of both Ray and Lewis having travelled and worked extensively throughout the region, which left them impressed with the vast amount of high-grade human capital seen there. Both Ray and Lewis came to the understanding that the communism that had run rampant throughout Asia over the latter half of the 20th century had badly stilted the true potential of the region. Now that capitalist reforms had begun in earnest, Ray and Lewis expected to see an explosion of growth and productivity throughout the region, representing one of the richest opportunities for entrepreneurs that had ever existed.

Both Ray and Lewis proved to be spot on in their analyses. Today, Jeunesse Global continues to quickly grow sales throughout the East Asia region, marking the definitive sine qua non of the company’s global operations. One of the secrets behind the rapid success there has been Ray’s ability to quickly bring on board some of the top distribution talent in the area. From the beginning, Jeunesse had some of the top direct sellers in East Asia working on its behalf. This caused the region’s downlines to grow very fast, with Jeunesse barely being able to keep up with the sharp increases in sales that the region generated through the early years of the company.

But, arguably, the real key behind the enormous success in the region has been Jeunesse’s ability to spot unmet market needs and then tailor products that meet the strenuous demands of the East Asian market while having enough crossover potential to be sold in high volumes throughout North American and elsewhere.

Products like the company’s NV foundation and bronzer reflect this fact. NV comes in nine different shades and can be used by East Asian consumers as a mild skin lightener. But the inverse is also true. For those requiring a darker look in America, NV can darken skin by a few shades.

Louis Chenevert Helped To Build The Success Of United Technologies Corporation (UTC)

Louis Chenevert was previously the CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and became the company’s CEO and President in 2008 while being chosen as its Chairman in 2010.

He started out his career by serving with General Motors and stayed with the company for 14 years where he worked as its Product General Manager. After this, he went to work with Pratt & Whitney where he served as the company’s President for seven years. It was after this that he decided to become a part of UTC, and he made quite a difference while working with the company. In 2005, he was welcomed as a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Louis Chenevert received his Bachelor’s Of Commerce Degree in Production Management while studying at the Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales, and he went on to earn a Honorary Doctorate while attending the University of Montreal. When asked where the idea for UTC came from, he commented that a spread of ideas were brought before him and others that would speak to the specific needs of customers, and this was the beginning of the company. During his time with the company, he found it important to ensure that the engineering team and other talent in the operational side of the company were the best and that they would build products that would bring profit to the company. During Louis Chenevert’s time with UTC, the F135 engine was created, the GTF engine was developed, new tech for the A-320m was developed, and new X2 technology was constructed that doubled the speed of helicopters.

Louis Chenevert is amazed and excited about how fast new technology and change in his industry is taking place. He believes that this will help UTC to grow rapidly in the future. When asked about one habit he has that makes him a more productive entrepreneur, he commented that his passion and optimism have always been key factors in his success. He also feels that it has been crucial to his productivity to stay focused on the mission at-hand while avoiding internal political struggles and the like.

Banyan Hill Publishing Company: Matt Badiali Freedom Checks Investment Opportunity Significance

Energy independence is the ability for the country to produce and meet its own energy needs domestically. Currently, the United States of America is not an energy independent nation as it is reliant on importing resources from other nations in order to meet its needs for energy generation. As part of the quest to propel America toward the future of energy independence in the 1980s, Congress enacted a special piece of legislation known as statue 26 – F. The statute allowed the creation of special corporate entities known as master limited partnerships. If a corporation qualified as a master limited partnership, it is able to operate in a tax-free manner. Watch this video at Youtube.

Whenever Matt Badiali discovered the existence of master limited partnerships, he referred to the payouts given to investors by the companies as Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks represent a unique way for investors to invest not only in their own financial future but in the future of American energy independence. In order for a company to qualify as a master limited partnership, they must meet a set of specific requirements. These requirements include the company having as its source of income over 90% of its revenues generated from the production, distribution, processing, and storage of oil and natural gas within the borders of the United States domestically. Not only must they generate their income from oil and natural gas but 90% of these revenues must be shared with investors through a process called distribution. It is this process that Matt Badiali is referring to whenever he speaks of Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks have several key benefits for individuals that are interested in this unique investment opportunity. Any proceeds that are generated from Freedom Checks are not treated as regular income and are instead treated as a return of capital. This entitles an individual to only be subject to capital gains tax which is taxed at a lower rate than personal income tax. Not only are the Freedom Checks that you receive from these investments tax at the capital gain tax rate, but any investment that you sell involved with a master limited partnership that generates profit will also be treated as a return of capital and only subject to the lower capital gains rate of tax. Matt Badiali believes that this is an incredibly rare opportunity for investors to generate future wealth and also to help push forward the future of the United States of America. Visit:


Ronald Fowlkes & His Accomplished Car

The Career Highlights and History of Ronald Fowlkes

When we consider every working industry in the world today, there have been many successful professionals over the years. In reality, the number of successful professionals is too large to count. As impressive as that sounds, what might sound more impressive is the fact that one professional has stood out above every other. As one of the most important professionals in recent memory and perhaps history, Ronald Fowlkes has created a career for himself that is indeed illustrious. When we reflect on the career of Ronald Fowlkes, describing it as accomplished is perhaps an understatement. Over the years, perhaps no other professional has been as diverse yet unique with their careers as has Ronald Fowlkes has been with his. In other words, the number of accomplishments that Ronald Fowlkes has been able to add to his career resume far exceeds that of any other professional. As amazing as that sounds, Ronald Fowlkes still does not get enough recognition than he deserves. Simply put, Ronald Fowlkes still has so much more to his successful ways. All in all, Ronald Fowlkes has established himself as the standard of excellence to many other professionals. Not only has his brilliance as a professional allowed him to become such a sought-after and highly-regarded individual but, it has allowed him to spread his vast knowledge for the advancement of other. If that does not show how great Ronald Fowlkes is as both a person and a professional, who knows what else does. So, to further understand his work and how he has become so significant to so many people, here is more on the career highlights of Ronald Fowlkes.


More on Ronald Fowlkes & Career Highlights

As alluded to before, Ronald Fowlkes has made his way to the top of his field in numerous ways. Although, without rambling on about his countless career accolades, here are a few that have made him a household name. For one, Ronald Fowlkes has had a very impressive stint as a Department of Defense Contractor working for the military. Worth mentioning, this is after having a successful journey as a marine himself. On these two facts alone, Ronald Fowlkes has already surpassed many other individuals in terms of accomplishments. Nonetheless, Ronald Fowlkes has also been very successful as both a law enforcement personnel and a member of a SWAT Team. Also worth mentioning, these two accomplishments alone add more than a decade worth of work experience. To get a sense for his incredible career, these are just some of many other career accolades. Currently, Ronald Fowlkes is unsurprisingly succeeding as Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement for a large company. Overall, there is no doubt that Ronald will continue to succeed as he always has.


Latest Moves By Kodak Show Cause For Concern And Sahm Adrangi Advises Investors To Stay Away

Kerrisdale Capital has recently published their own report regarding the current status and business efforts of the company Kodak. Most people have heard of this company at some point since they used to be a major player in the photography market at one time. As of late, Kodak has been catching the eye of investors because of their enormous increase in stock value, which increased roughly 190 percent in a matter of days. According to Sahm Adrangi, CEO of Kerrisdale Capital, this is because of their involvement with crypto groups. Right after Kodak stated they were going into business with cryptocurrency groups is when their share prices rose. This has lead Sahm to believe that their shares are just overpriced for the time being and will likely go down, which is normal in cryptocurrency.

Sahm Adrangi is warning every investor that he can to avoid Kodak for the time being due to their somewhat shady business practice as of late. Only a few years ago, Kodak had to file a chapter 11 to stay in business because of their lack of management and upgrades, but today they have done very little to change that. In fact, Sahm Adrangi believes Kodak management has not changed their direction at all other than forming an alliance with a cryptocurrency group. This means that Kodak will ultimately succumb to the same fate as before once their share prices inevitable drop again.

Kerrisdale is currently holding the short position with Kodak, and should the company go under, Kerrisdale will profit. This is all the more reason for investors out there to stay away from the company. Sahm Adrangi is hardly wrong when it comes to his investment insight into various markets and companies. This is how he managed to grow Kerrisdale Capital into a multi-million dollar corporation. All things considered, when dealing with a company that has a troubled past and a future that is unsure, it is best to stay away until things settle down and become steady before investing with Kodak.

Jason Hope Supports Anti-Aging In Biotech Industry

Jason Hope found success and wealth after graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in finance and an MBA. When he started up several technology-focused companies, he quickly became world-renowned. More recently Hope focuses his efforts on advising and philanthropic donations. A man of many passions, he is very passionate about the SENS Foundation. He has millions of dollars into the organization, of note in 2010 for $500,000, but the cause is helping SENS to help more than just a few people.

SENS is a non-profit organization that is researching anti-aging cures that it wants all of humankind to have access to; additionally, this is something Jason Hope believes is essential for the advancement of medicine. Today, most drugs treat diseases that are a result of the aging process after they have already appeared. Jason Hope, on the other hand, sees the SENS Foundations goals as far more beneficial as they aim to develop rejuvenation biotechnologies that can stop the aging process in its tracks and reverse it.

To do this, they are targeting diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes to name a few, and researching their cause as well as treatable characteristics that will help them to reverse their effects on the human body. With donations like Jason Hope and others, this process is moving along at a rapid pace. Connectivity for Life: Jason Hope Predicts the Future of the Internet of Things

Aubrey de Grey, Chief Scientific Officer at SENS Foundation, asserts that Jason Hope’s donations are helping them to move forward where regulatory bodies do not see the benefits of their research yet. They have been able to further study Arteriosclerosis (the hardening of arteries) more effectively, for example. They understand now that this particular aspect of the aging process can cause high blood pressure, bringing with it the onset diabetes. It is the result of an accumulation of molecular bonds between proteins holding arteries in place and can also long-sightedness as well as the aging of the skin. Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope Predicts the End of Aging

This discovery only clarifies a piece of an ever-growing puzzle, that the aging process consists of a myriad of interconnected reactions occurring within the body. With continued support from people like Jason Hope and further research, they will begin to understand the aging process as a whole better and develop treatments that can reverse them. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

While Jason Hope remains a well-rounded individual, he is passionate about seeking solutions that can benefit humankind as a whole. His efforts, as well as those of Aubrey De Grey, will continue to shape medicine and technology for years to come. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

A Few Tips For Ending Your Quarter From NGP VAN.

The end of a quarter is often stressful when a campaign is getting ready to come to an end. Some of your goals have been achieved and others had to be changed because if you missed the deadlines and you made adjustments of your goals. Because we know that this time of closure can be stressful NGP VAN wants to offer a few times to lighten the load. We know if you use these tips, the end of your quarter will be much easier to deal with.

Tip Number One: This first time is to simply never run out of ideas. Now, here at NGP VAN we understand that might sound hard to do. However, if you keep a few of your best ideas close at hand you can recreate or jump start another set of goals and reach them based on what has worked in the past. A great example of this is someone who sends a weekly email, it never hurts to use other things in the emails designed to increase your readers response and to keep them reading. Give them a reason to read the current email, saying things like we have had an increase in email subscribers this week or our social media apps have been growing by leaps and bounds. You could add a graph or thermometer to show the readers that you are reaching your goals or how much more there is to go. You could also share the average amount that supporters donate or what an average product costs and ask for the sale. One more thing that can be done is to share what other people say about you and your product or service.

Tip Number Two: Advanced writing is your friend. Get those emails ready to go. Write the first one, write the second one and continue with the third one. You can always go back and add details and change things up. The key is to keep the flow and be ready with the emails.

Tip Number Three: Stay Focused And Organized. We started this is tip number two but, keep it going by using a planning system such as a calendar that focuses on the end of the quarter. NGP VAN has organized these tips to help you get the most out of your business goals. At NGP VAN we help people organize and create successful campaigns that are result driven. NGP VAN is a privately owned company based in Washington D.C.. Outside of being the leading software for progressive and democratic campaigns, NGP VAN is also committed to various progressive causes like providing LGBTQ-friendly tools for voter databases.

Brian Torchin Is a Healthcare Recruiting Wizard

Brian Torchin is a noted medical professional who is based in the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region at the moment. He works as the CEO and President of HCRC Staffing, a business that specializes in both consulting and staffing.

HCRC Staffing is an acclaimed recruitment firm that’s known for its top-quality professional consulting work. It’s also known for its A+ medical staffing assistance.

The counselors who work for HCRC Staffing help all kinds of medical professionals find rewarding and fitting positions. They cater to billing managers, front desk receptionists, physical therapy assistants, physician assistants, acupuncturists, office managers, nurse practitioners and more.

If a dental or chiropractic clinic needs a qualified assistant, the team at HCRC Staffing can help with the in-depth placement process.

Brian Torchin has been at the helm of HCRC Staffing since the winter of 2007. He, because of that, knows a lot about career placement opportunities that are suitable within the medical field.

He also knows a lot about career placement openings for people who are part of the legal world. He understands the placement needs of legal secretaries, attorneys, legal administrators and beyond.

Some examples of topics this healthcare staffing expert knows a lot about are physician recruitment, permanent placement, Internet recruiting, college recruiting, healthcare consulting, holistic health, healthcare management and career counseling. He specializes in everything from temporary placement to wellness coaching.

Brian Torchin is a staffing powerhouse. Companies of all kinds can depend on the services Torchin and the rest of the HCRC Staffing team bring to the table.

Torchin and his firm make it easy for jobseekers to find positions that are right up their alleys. If a nurse wants to search for a new position in a stress-free and smooth way, it can benefit her significantly to work with a reputable recruitment company.

Staffing agencies make it easy for qualified professionals to land the positions of their dreams.

They make it easy for deserving companies to locate job candidates who are seasoned, hard-working, determined, focused and patient as well. Torchin is an executive who truly understands the healthcare world and its many diverse needs and objectives.

Learn more about Brian Torchin:

South Korea’s National Pension Service Backs Highland Capital Management to Launch $147 Million, Healthcare Fund

Highland Capital Management, a well-known global alternative credit specialist, recently raised capital commitments amounting to $147 million for its Asian healthcare-focused private equity fund. According to the company, the anchor investor was the National Pension Service of South Korea. In Asia, Highland Capital Management will work with a Korean venture capital and private equity firm by the name of Stonebridge Capital. The firm will also act as the fund’s co-manager. The fund’s principal investment targets will be North American and Asian middle market healthcare companies. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Over the last two years, Asian investors have increasingly shown interest in the industry. However, most of the investments made were through multi-purpose funds or direct basis. In addition to returns on investment, investors taking part in the National Pension Service Korea fund with Highland have specific intentions in the healthcare industry. Some of these aims include admittance to co-investment opportunities to serve their projected goals in the U.S., China, and Korea. According to the co-head and managing director of Highland Capital Management’s private equity group Carl Moore, the strategy of the fund is in line with the company’s core abilities drawn from Highland’s broad experience in the healthcare industry. Presently, Highland has healthcare assets worth more than $1.5 billion under management. Additionally, it has investment capital worth more than $1.4 billion across its PE business.



More about Highland Capital Management

Mark Okada and Jim Dondero founded Highland in 1993. The company focuses on credit strategies, including collateral loan obligations, credit hedge funds, and special and distressed situation private equity. Additionally, Highland Capital provides alternative investments, such as natural resources, long and short equities, and emerging markets. According to the co-head and managing director of Highland Capital Management Matt Jameson, the healthcare sector in the United States faces several disruptive forces that affect middle market companies acutely. He adds that increasing the access to healthcare services has helped drive greater levels of utilization and more complex government and consumer demands in Asia. These factors together with the expansion to reimbursement models based on value help create considerable opportunities for investors in the healthcare industry. Read more at