Eric Lefkofsky’s Efforts in Cancer Treatment

Some diseases have proved to be a menace to medical practitioners. Examples of these ailments include cancerous infections and the Alzheimer’s disease. The reason why treatment of these diseases is difficult is that many medics are still stuck with the conventional treatment methods. However, some doctors have realized that the secret to curbing such ailments lies with the application of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) and use of machines in treatment. One such individual who is dedicated to finding a long-term term solution to the mutational infections is Eric Lefkofsky.

In 2015, Mr. Lefkofsky together with others cofounded a medical technology firm called Tempus Labs. This firm is based in Chicago. The primary aim of Tempus Labs was to consolidate the patients’ data in one place where it could be easily retrieved to aid in the treatment of future similar ailments. Mostly, the firm deals with storage of data of cancer patients. The firm also collects molecular data patients through DNA sequencing. The institution is not just limited to data collection. After getting the data, they use it to develop solutions that will aid in the treatment of the disease in question. Tempus Labs has been so far a success, and there is optimism that it will continue advancing its operations to help in the control of more diseases.

Having consolidated data for treatment at one access point is something that doctors are so happy about. Before, treatment was based on trial and error. However, with Tempus efforts, it is now possible to provide data-driven and accurate procedures, thus, increasing the chances of healing. Tempus Labs has partnered with various bodies that are focused on cancer treatment as well as Alzheimer’s disease. These institutions send their patients to Tempus Labs where genomic sequencing is done. After completion of the tests, Tempus Labs attaches molecular as well as clinical data to the patient’s record. The doctor is then able to check the kind of mutations that the patient is suffering from and devise a treatment solution.

Tempus Lab’s use of big data is also going to be very beneficial in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. This disease has been viewed as impossible to treat for long. The government, as well as institutions such as Tempus Labs, have recently stepped up in their attempts to treat it and the progress is positive.

Mike Baur, From A Talented Banker, To Assisting Tech Entrepreneurs, With The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur And His Career In Banking

Mike Baur, is an entrepreneur, and a businessman, who grew up in Freiburg Switzerland, and earned his degrees in business, at the University of Rochester, and Bern University.


Baur became an apprentice in 1991 for Union Bank of Switzerland. According to the Wall Street Journal, Baur was only 16 years old, when he began his career in banking.


Since then, Baur has worked in the banking industry over 20 years.

Baur left his job at UBS in 2008 and went to work for the Zurich office of Clariden Leu, another bank where he held a high ranking position.


Despite his success, the banking industry was no longer appealing to Baur, due to the post-recession banking environment. Therefore, in 2014, Baur decided to leave and started a new profession, which was his new passion as well, assisting tech entrepreneurs and investing in startup companies. In that same year, Baur partnered with Oliver Walzer, and Max Meister, to launch the “Swiss Startup Factory”.


What The Swiss Startup Factory Provides


The program provides aids to Swiss entrepreneurs with training and mentoring services, as well as funding startups, that seem to have potential. These promising enterprises, get assistive benefits for three months that include: offices in Switzerland-rent-free, they learn how to market products and services globally, as well as how to obtain funds from investors, they get the chance to network with other tech entrepreneurs, and more.

The Swiss Startup Factory also encourages qualifying tech startups, to enter pitching contests.


The University Of St. Gallen’s, Start-Up Pitching Contest-The Start Summiteer

After co-founding the Swiss Startup Factory, and becoming a managing partner, Baur took part in, the University of St. Gallen’s, start-up pitching contest, the Start Summiteer, as a jury member in 2014.


The event allows 30 new enterprise founders, with funding of less than $1 million, to talk about their products, plans, and business modules-publicly, which financial experts will evaluate, and rate a variety of aspects on each startup’s plans, and then choose a winner. Promising companies can also attract substantial investors at the event.


As a result of his participation, Baur was able to establish SSUF as a well-known, credible business incubator.


It was during this time that Mike Baur also launched a new firm that provides more sophisticated financial advice to prosperous clients, called “Think Reloaded”.


The SSUF Partners With CTI Invest And More

Later, the Swiss Startup Factory and CTI teamed up, and Baur was given the honor of being named, deputy managing director, of CTI Invest, in January 2016.


Around that same time, the Swiss Startup Factory was lead, into their accelerator program, by Mike Baur with Goldback Group, and then in February of 2016 the partnering with Fintech Fusion and more.


Baur’s early career that went from Swiss banking, straight through to entrepreneurship, then startup investments, was profiled in December 2016, by The Wall Street Journal!


In a recent interview, Mike Baur stated that, what sets the Swiss Startup Factory aside from the rest of the incubators, is its independence.


Assistance Offered By Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory

It goes without saying that the entrepreneur needs help. As a matter of fact, it is safe to say that the entrepreneur needs to be educated on the ways of the company so that he will have a better chance at bringing forth the desired results. Fortunately, Mike Baur is someone who is very interested in helping his entrepreneurs. One thing he wants to do is offer assistance to entrepreneurs who are planning on putting together a global business that is going to make some major changes in their respective industries. However, Mike is offering his clients much more than services that are going to ensure that the company is able to launch. There are also services that are going to help them learn some secrets that could help them gain an edge in any industry.


Among the services that are available from the Swiss Startup Factory is the Pre-accelerator program. One of the reasons that this is the service that is worth looking into is that there are many aspects to the program that will help the entrepreneur clients in a multitude of ways. This program will give the clients an edge in the market with all of the lessons that come with it.


Among the services that are offered in the Pre-accelerator program Coaching, Professionally Taught Pitch Training, Product Development, Market Research Team, and plenty of other offers. One thing that Mike Baur wants to do is make sure that his clients have access to all of the highest quality tools in the industry. While it is possible to achieve some kind of success without all of these offerings, many entrepreneurs not only want to succeed quickly but also want to start and run a huge global company.


One thing that could be said for Mike Baur is that he has a lot of creativity. He also encourages others to use their creativity so that they can really shake up the industry. He is not afraid of any idea. He encourages others to not be afraid to share their idea and get some feedback on it. After all, the feedback they receive is meant to make the idea stronger.


Mike Baur’s Investment in Swiss Startups.

Mike Baur is a successful Swiss finance professional and entrepreneur. The most fruitful business that he has established is the Swiss Startup Factory, which has been serving as an incubator for emerging technology enterprises in Switzerland. It has a unique business model that involves offering consultancy and finance services for various innovative business that are being developed. Baur has been using his company to give other entrepreneurs the support that they would need for them to accomplish their goals. He has been investing in startup companies for many years, and this has offered him sufficient knowledge on handling new businesses. Mike started his profession by serving a private bank, and his role was to help entrepreneurs to access loans to establish or improve the performance of their companies.


Baur gained a lot of experience when he was working in the banking industry. He spent most of his time serving business owners who needed finances to make their enterprises bigger. As a professional in the banking sector, he met the entrepreneurs and examined their objectives before offering them loans to help them fulfill the short-term and long-term goals. Mike also guided the business people in various ways that they could manage their finances.


Mike Baur worked in the banking sector for about two decades before deciding to venture into startups businesses. He believes that technology-based enterprises are highly profitable. Baur’s company has made massive investments in various new businesses, and this has turned out to be a successful venture that makes good returns. He understands much about startup companies and can identify the ones that have a potential of being successful. Mike also has knowledge of various business models that can be used in propelling an enterprise to great heights.


Swiss Startup Factory has played a significant role in the success of different companies in Switzerland. The firm accesses funds from various private investors and uses them in supporting startups. It has an acceleration program that is carried out for about three months, and it ensures that the new businesses can compete in the local and international markets. The firm has also been facilitating the growth of companies that are already operational. Mike Baur has remarkable academic qualifications. He holds two MBA degrees that he was awarded from the University of Bern and the University of Rochester. The entrepreneur has managed to make Swiss Startup Factory successful due to the connection that he formed when he was in the banking industry.