Boraie Development’s Incredible Real Estate Projects

According to a blog published through Central Jersey Working Moms, Omar Boraie is initially from Egypt where he was born and raised. Omar later moved to New Brunswick to continue with his education. Mr. Boraie has a Ph. D. in Chemistry which he earned in the new environment of New Brunswick. However, with time Omar’s original plans diverted to a different business idea. He came to admire the real estate sector. Omar’s inspiration led him to start his real estate venture. In 1975 the city of New Brunswick was not undergoing developments in all industries as an urban city. Omar Boraie recognized the opportunity and decided to buy plots as well as the abandoned buildings along Albany Street. For more details visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

About eight years later, Sam Boraie had managed to complete his first project that is, the Albany Street Plaza Tower One. It was in 1988 when Mr. Boraie opened the plaza providing the residents of New Brunswick with first-class offices. Omar had other projects planned such as the Albany Street Plaza Tower Two, opened in 2007 and the One Spring Street condominium. The condominium had about 120 apartments of different dimensions and designs. Omar’s company is referred to as Boraie Development, and currently, the firm still purchases abandoned structures to transform them to stunning, sophisticated properties. Omar Boraie is also a Genomic scientist.

Boraie Development currently provides vast services all over New Brunswick such as development, real estate, management of property and property marketing. The professionals at Boraie are committed to change the city to a destination with captivating properties. The Boraie team is made up of innovative architects, well-established financial institutions, and talented contractors to serve the clients efficiently. Omar has led the company for more than four decades. Omar’s son followed his father’s footsteps, and he holds the company’s Vice President Position. Wasseem Boraie, Omar’s son, brought up new ways to transform a demolition site to a lavish and classy area.

Wasseem took on a project to renovate an area that had undergone an incident that rendered the place worthless and managed to put it back on the market. Omar has the gift to turn anything cheap to something fascinating and beautiful. Wasseem seems to have the same trait. The recent project Omar Boraie worked on is the enchanting and fantastic high-rise residential named The Aspire. The Aspire is situated on Somerset Street. Omar together with Wasseem, have made New Brunswick a beautiful and wonderful city. -Entrepreneurs in the Real Estate Industry