The Amazing Contributions of Lori Senecal

There are certain people who have no problem achieving the impossible. It’s like they have a knack for overcoming and conquering all obstacles set before them. Lori Senecal, Global CEO of CP+B, is definitely one of those people. Her contributions, not only to her company but to the industry are beyond incredible.

According to Adage, Lori joined CP+B two years ago. Since then, she’s become a significant player in the company’s numerous business changes. From day one, Lori focused her efforts on introducing more inventive and agile business strategies. She’s the reason the company has such a strong local market flair.

It didn’t take long for her to reach the height of the company’s corporate ladder. To accommodate Lori’s unique talents, CP+B created a new position just for her: Global CEO. The new responsibilities suited Lori just fine. She wasted no time in furthering the company’s global growth and development.

In Lori’s opinion, her greatest contributions to any company are international growth and expanding the company’s list of high-profile clients. In that retrospect, CP+B has, by far, the greatest Senecal-related list of clients. Thanks to her performance, CP+B has done business with American Airlines, Hershey, and Pay Pal accounts.

Considering the countless awards Lori’s won over the years, the greatest recognition must have won the Titanium Grand Prix at The Cannes Lions Festival. Lori Senecal completed work for fast food-pizza restaurant chain Dominos and won. The Titanium Grand Prix is the highest award given for the most inventive ideas that increase business.

Although she’s earned a lot of world attention while working for CP+B, Lori’s career has always been a success. Since her days at McCann Worldgroup, she’s been getting recognized for her work. She even won a Quantum Leap award at the AWNY Game Changer Awards.

After leaving McCann, she got a job at another company: KBS. She served as Global Chairman and CEO, and like every other company she’s ever worked for, global expansion is what she brought to the table.

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Accomplished Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran a Model of Modern Business Success

Last year, the QI Group of businesses announced that it had generated $750 million in annual revenue. It was a perfect representation of the unprecedented success that the e-commerce based conglomerate has achieved less than two decades since it was founded. For the company’s founder and executive chairman Vijay Eswaran, the announcement showed how through visionary leadership and innovation, the company had overcome initial setbacks to become a leading force in the multilevel marketing industry.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia on October 7, 1960. His father worked with the Ministry of Labor. Thus, the family was forced to shift frequently from one part of the country to the next due to work requirements. In the early 1980’s, Eswaran enrolled for a socio-economic degree at the London School of Economics, graduating in 1984. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

While in the UK, Eswaran became exposed to the binary system. He decided to enroll for a professional course on the system and attended CIMA, UK. After the course, Eswaran enrolled for an MBA at the Southern Illinois University and worked part time at a multilevel marketing company called Synaptics in the US.

When Eswaran returned to Malaysia, Cosway Group offered him a position in multilevel marketing in their Philippines-based company. It was at this time that Eswaran’s passion for the system developed. In 1998, he founded QNET, a multilevel company that bloomed over the years to become QI Group. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Today, QI has several investments in the media, hospitality, direct sales, education, and health sectors. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and has regional offices in about 20 other countries including Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Eswaran is an accomplished author too. He has published several successful books, among them In the Sphere of Silence and 18 Stepping Stones. His most recent book, Two Minutes from the Abyss was published in 2016. Currently, Eswaran travels widely, speaking at different global economic forums. His charitable organizations include the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation.

Don Ressler: An E-commerce Pioneer

There is perhaps no one in the world of e-commerce today who has exemplified more drive and ambition than Don Ressler. Getting his start in 1997, Ressler is widely regarded as an innovator of online space and the industry in general. His associations include Fitness Heaven, Intermix Media, Alena Media, and others. As of recently, however, Ressler has focused his energy on his own ventures—JustFab and TechStyle Fashion Group.


JustFab’s first major fund acquisition came in the fall of 2011 when Matrix Partners invested $33 million into the company. This investment would be the first of many. Rho Capital Partners came through with $76 million in the summer of the following year. It would be another 14 months, however, before the Shining Capital would invest $40 million. In December of 2013, Shining Capital decided to add a cherry on top with another $15 million. By August of 2014, Passport Capital made an investment to top all others with $85 million to JustFab.


Today, TechStyle Fashion Group is comprised of over 4 million active members. The company, however, was founded by accident by Don Ressler in March 2010. Since then, TechStyle’s membership numbers have grown steadily. In May of 2013, the company expanded internationally into Spain and France following the acquisition of The Fab Shoes. With the major investment by Passport Capitol in 2014, JustFab brought its total capitalization to $250 million. Fabletics, an online athletic retailer founded in part by Ressler, became TechStyle’s fastest growing label in 2015. In April of 2016, Fabletics announced plans to open between 75 and 100 brick and mortar stores of the next three to five years.


Don Ressler’s involvement in e-commerce expands far beyond TechStyle and JustFab. Ressler played a huge role in enhancing the shareholder value at Intermix Media—the parent company of Ressler would also go on to found Intelligent Beauty—a health and wellness, beauty, and fashion products retailer—which would lay the inspirational groundwork for TechStyle Fashion Group.


Having started in Ressler’s living room at his Manhattan Beach house, JustFab’s rapid growth and international expansion quickly necessitated relocation of the company’s headquarters. Of particular appeal was vicinity of El Segundo, California to the international airport and magnificent beaches. In addition to the scenery and convenience, the headquarters at El Segundo currently has 128,000 square feet of office space with room for expansion—a huge plus, considering that JustFab’s future is sure to be prosperous.

Assistance Offered By Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory

It goes without saying that the entrepreneur needs help. As a matter of fact, it is safe to say that the entrepreneur needs to be educated on the ways of the company so that he will have a better chance at bringing forth the desired results. Fortunately, Mike Baur is someone who is very interested in helping his entrepreneurs. One thing he wants to do is offer assistance to entrepreneurs who are planning on putting together a global business that is going to make some major changes in their respective industries. However, Mike is offering his clients much more than services that are going to ensure that the company is able to launch. There are also services that are going to help them learn some secrets that could help them gain an edge in any industry.


Among the services that are available from the Swiss Startup Factory is the Pre-accelerator program. One of the reasons that this is the service that is worth looking into is that there are many aspects to the program that will help the entrepreneur clients in a multitude of ways. This program will give the clients an edge in the market with all of the lessons that come with it.


Among the services that are offered in the Pre-accelerator program Coaching, Professionally Taught Pitch Training, Product Development, Market Research Team, and plenty of other offers. One thing that Mike Baur wants to do is make sure that his clients have access to all of the highest quality tools in the industry. While it is possible to achieve some kind of success without all of these offerings, many entrepreneurs not only want to succeed quickly but also want to start and run a huge global company.


One thing that could be said for Mike Baur is that he has a lot of creativity. He also encourages others to use their creativity so that they can really shake up the industry. He is not afraid of any idea. He encourages others to not be afraid to share their idea and get some feedback on it. After all, the feedback they receive is meant to make the idea stronger.


CEO Sheldon Lavin

As current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OSI Group, Lavin has set himself apart as a leader in the meat and food processing industry. With over 40 years’ experience, Lavin has led the expansion of OSI Group that is currently located in 17 countries with over 70 facilities that are run and managed with over 20,000 employees.

With a background in Finance and Accounting, Lavin started out his career working in the banking industry and later on started his own financial consulting firm. It is here that he worked as a consultant for Otto and Sons (now OSI Group) after rejecting an offer to have an ownership position when the business was looking for funding to build a facility that would propel the company to become the Midwest supplier of hamburgers to McDonald’s Corporation. Lavin later became a partner after much appreciation of the business culture and strategies employed by McDonald’s when he worked as a consultant.

Sheldon Lavin developed a vision to grow the company to a world-class food processing enterprise. The company has since become a global leader in supplying meat products which are supplied to retail stores and food franchises such as McDonald’s.

OSI Group, under Lavin’s leadership, has won many awards including the 2017 International Safety Award from the British Safety Council, which the company has won for the 11th time. Lavin himself has also been recognized for several awards for his leadership and was recently awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy in February 2016. The Award recognizes visionaries who have persisted in turning their dreams into realities.

Lavin cares for his community and has made immense contributions to other companies and charities holding posts as:
Trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHS)
• Board Member of the Goodman Theatre
• Board Member of Rush University Medical Center
• President and Director of the Sheba Foundation.

Lavin continues to lead OSI Group as he grooms the next generation of leaders whom he hopes will dedicate themselves to growing the company with the same spirit. Lavin has a wife and three children.

Todd Lubar Is Committed To Developing Innovative Products And Programs

Over the years, Todd Lubar has achieved much success in the financial and credit markets. Todd contends that he loves working hard. The executive posits that for one to build a successful company, he or she must invest everything. After a while, it is common for one to feel that the work is monotonous and mundane. Todd says that one should not give up but instead revisit the goals and focus on achieving them.

Todd Lubar says that he has succeeded in fostering a culture of honest communication and trust in his business. He contends that at times, they have faced numerous setbacks. However, they have managed to grow and move forward because his employees trust each other. Lubar states that he has provided his workers with a collegial environment, thus they are not afraid of voicing their concerns. Todd is also able to present his thoughts to his team amicably.

Given that he has been in business for long, Todd urges new entrepreneurs to choose their friends carefully. He says that the people that individuals introduce into their sphere of influence determines their path in life. Lubar says that if he were to start over again, he would be cautious about his friends.

He also suggests that for an entrepreneur to be successful, he or she must be willing to devise innovative ideas and most importantly, execute them. Todd goes on to say that most entrepreneurs fail because they are not willing to go the extra mile of implementing their thoughts. The executive contends that his past experience enabled him to establish TDL Ventures and run it as a going concern.

About Todd Lubar

The founder of Legendary Properties says that he has always been passionate about helping people to enhance their livelihood. After undertaking his research for 12 years, Lubar saw that a huge number of clients could not access loans from traditional institutions. To this end, he made it his duty to provide them with affordable loans.

The resident of Bethesda has two children. During his free time, Lubar plays with his kids. In addition, Todd loves travelling. His goal is to be able to add value to the person that he interacts with.

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Success Academy Fights Against The Educational Problems Of New York City

The achievements of the Success Academy have been impressive in many different areas of educational development in New York City as the network of Charter Schools has risen to over 40 schools in total; the Success Academy has also looked to develop a new range of charter schools that will see the New York based network rise to a level that will be close to the size of public school districts in Atlanta and Boston with more than 100 schools and a growing number of students.


Success Academy has achieved much in many different areas of New York City and was recently awarded the Broad Prize for charter schools that brought with it $250,000 in prize money for the school network to use; Success Academy founder Eva Moskowitz has revealed the Broad Prize funds will be used to prepare students attending the charter school network for college. The Broad Prize is provided to charter schools that provide a large amount of assistance and places for students from ethnically diverse and economically disadvantaged regions of the U.S. Recent applications to the Success Academy’s growing number of charter schools have seen the lottery system used to assign spots inundated with more than 15,000 applications for just over 3,000 available slots.


The rise of the Success Academy since it was established in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz has not all been plain sailing with a number of challenges overcome, including a recent court battle that pitted the network of charter schools against the leadership of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who stated the charter school network was liable for the same rules for pre-K students as are followed by public schools; Eva Moskowitz fought in court to prove charter schools were open to education department inspection, but not for curriculum approval that was being attempted by the New York Mayor and his staff. The court battle had a negative effect on the growth of the Success Academy, but Eva Moskowitz stated the refusal of the new York Mayor to open up places in unused public school buildings would not deter her from fighting the legal battle eventually won by Success Academy at the expense of the New York Education Department.

Why Success Academy the Leading Charter School in New York State

Success Academy prides itself on being the highest and largest performing free, public charter network in all of New York City. The network consists of 41 free, public schools that were founded on the premise that each child can succeed at an extremely high level. Admission to the 41 schools is open to all children in New York state including English language learners and those with special needs. However, the admission process is done through a random lottery that is conducted each April.


Success Academy’s network of 41 schools serves about 14, 000 students in the Bronx, Brooklyn Queens and Manhattan. The student population across the network comprises of 93% of students who are children of color, 15% former and current special needs students, 8.5% former and current English language learners and 76% of the students are from low-income households.


Since Success Academy is accredited by the State University of New York’s Charter School Institute, it operates with more independence as opposed to zoned schools. Nonetheless, the network of free, public charter schools is held accountable to the New York state for student performance. Just like other charter schools, Success Academy Charter Schools is subject to reviews after every five years, which determine whether a school should continue to operate.


Founder of Success Academy


Eva Moskowitz is acknowledged for founding Success Academy Charter Schools in 2006. Aside from being the founder, she serves as the schools’ chief executive officer. Over the years, Eva has worked in different capacities such as a college professor, teacher, chair of the New York City Council’s Education Committee and elected official. This vast experience makes her a qualified leader for Success Academy Charter Schools.




Success Academy has created a name for itself as the leading high-profile charter school network in New York. Recently, the network won the highly-coveted $20,000 Broad Prize for its success in boosting academic performance and closing achievement gaps for both children of color and low-income children. During the acceptance of the prize, Eva Moskowitz asserted that her aim is to grow Success Academy to 100 schools with a student population of 50,000.


Success Academy named finalist for prestigious national charter school award

Greg Finch Specializes in Spinal Surgery

Orthopedic surgery refers to the branch of medicine dealing with the skeletal system. This is a medical procedure that is aimed at heal muscles, and bones, besides nerves and tendons, as well as ligaments and joints.

There are Orthopedic surgeons who specialize in the diagnosis as well as treatment of spinal conditions. They would offer both surgical and minimally invasive treatment for people of all ages. Greg Finch treats spinal problems that include degenerative disorders along with scoliosis.

Greg Finch is a highly experienced orthopedic surgeon. He is presently serving at the Perth Royal Hospital. He specializes in adult cervical spine surgery. He is a specialist in minimally invasive spine surgery. He has attained his FRACS I from the Auckland University. After that, he worked for some years in Germany, UK and then in the USA.

Greg Finch is known to perform highly complex spinal revision as well as reconstruction surgeries. His experience includes Spinal Decompression, besides Spinal tumor surgery. He is an expert in Disc Herniation, besides Spinal Stenosis as well as Interventional Spine. He is passionate about minimally invasive spine surgery. Dr. Greg Finch is providing medical care besides being a part of active research that would help to improve patient outcomes along with the spine surgery treatments.

He is associated with the Orthopedic Association of Australia, besides the Australian Spine Society and the North American Spine Society. Greg Finch has worked at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, besides Sir Gairdner Charles Hospital, as well as at Perth Royal Hospital. He has also worked at the New Zealand Orthopaedic Association, besides the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and also at the Shriners Children Hospitals.

Typically Greg Finch would conduct an interview and then do a physical examination of his patient. This would be followed by diagnostic investigations.

Vincent Parascandola Leads The AXA Advisors

The role of AXA Advisors is to help families, individuals as well as businesses to take small steps that they can easily manage and succeed in getting financial security. Since 1859, these advisors have been doing just that.

They realize that is the biggest goal for people today for people. But financial security can be quite complex for some people as there are several parameters that are involved here. The financial planning will be based on lifestyle, the needs after retirement, besides any other aspirations, income, and the family goals and so on. This requires careful planning to take it forward.

Proper financial security means getting an early start. Planning well will contribute to achieving the financial goals in an easy and proper manner.

A budget will have to be set. Once this is done, it has to be followed diligently. Managing of debt is another important parameter. This means being aware of when credit is to be used and when not. There has to be an emergency fund too. It must be kept aside while it provides peace of mind. This helps to remain prepared for anything unexpected that may come at any time.

Financial security would always include investing for retirement. Diversification will always be a key factor in protecting the portfolio in case of losses. This does not undermine the importance of reassessment of the financial situation as life is changing all the time.

This is exactly what Vincent Parascandola is explaining to his advisors all the time. He is currently the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC.

Vincent Parascandola looks into several departments here. These include sales and recruitment, besides management development and retention. This way he is responsible for the productivity of his financial professionals as he has to develop the new ones too!

Vincent Parascandola is looking after so many avenues in his company as he has nearly 25 years of experience here. He had joined Prudential as an agent. This was in 1987. This is the way Vincent Parascandola started his career. Then he moved on to MONY Life Insurance Company before joining AXA Advisors in 2004.