Medical Technology Investor Ara Chackerian

TMS Health Solutions provides treatment for individuals suffering from treatment-resistant depression in the form of transcranial magnetic stimulation. This technology is becoming more widespread, due in part to entrepreneur and investor Ara Chackerian.

Chackerian, who graduated from Florida State University, has long been interested in the medical industry. He has over ten years of experience constructing and operating outpatient radiology offices.

Ara Chackerian and his business partner Brad Hummel decided to invest in the emerging field of transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. They were astounded by the capabilities of the technology, and they wanted to make it available to more people.

The two met a man who had a similar goal. Dr. Richard Bermudas, an expert in the field of transcranial magnetic therapy, had been trying to make the treatment more available to common people.

Dr. Bermudas had met with some issues, the largest being that most medical insurance companies did not cover the cost of transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy in their policies.

When looking into the active model of outpatient psychiatric therapy, Chackerian discovered that the industry was not built around supporting device-based treatment such as transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Ara Chackerian hired New York-based architect Josh Heitler to design the prototype TMS Health Solutions. Josh Heitler had previously designed offices for end-user focused business. He designed the TMS Health Solutions office to be different from other offices. The office was over 3000 square feet and was designed to be tranquil, allowing patients to feel at ease. Check out tmshealthsolutions

Since partnering together, Chackerian, Hummel, and Dr. Bermudas had built seven TMS Health Solutions offices in California. Chackerian has also begun to look into new medical technology. He is interested in digital medical breakthroughs. He expects technology like telemedicine and digital assisted healthcare apps to be the next big trends in the world of medical technology.

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Adam Milstein; Fighting Anti-Semitism from all Fronts

Adam Milstein is a man of many trades. He has excelled in the business world as a real estate entrepreneur and in the social scene through philanthropy. Adam has offered financial and ethical support to many organizations involved in promoting rights of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. He has also been instrumental in strengthening ties between Israel and the United States of America. In fact, Adam Milstein is the national chairperson of the Israeli-American Council.

He is currently the president of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which, he co-founded with his wife, Gila. He has also become a reputable author taking the pro-Semitic campaign to the writing arena. Follow Adam Milstein on Linkedin.

In his latest article on anti-Semitism alliances around the globe, Adam Milstein points out how various groups are working together to delegitimize the nation of Israel. He believes that the groups are increasingly sharing ideas to strengthen their campaigns which are built on hate, bigotry, and racism. Adam believes that the anti-Israel narrative is the cornerstone of the existence of some of these groups. In principle, their activities revolve around fighting and sullying Israel and its people.

Adam Milstein is concerned with the spread of anti-Semitic leftism in learning institutions. Indeed, it is an indication that the future existence of Jewish people in America and beyond is threatened. It has been reinforced by the open support people in leadership positions on international platforms. One of these people is Linda Sarsour; a political activist involved organizing the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. She openly recognized and appreciated the role played by one of the co-conspirators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. These have made her a hero and a role model to the radical groups. Read more about Adam Milstein at

Adam also points out that the trend is on a further increase with the recent expelling of three people for having Stars of David on their pride flags in two rallies in Chicago. Participants of the rallies were also encouraged to attend an inherently anti-Semitic speech by Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinian terrorist.

As an author, Adam Milstein has found a platform to push his work to the international scene and illustrate the need for harmonious co-existence and mutual respect despite the different ethnic and social backgrounds.