How Lacey and Larkin have a Played major Role in Improving the Welfare of Migrants

The United States is one of the many countries around the world that still struggle with the problem of migrants. There are no clear policies and plans to ensure that the rights and welfare of migrants are safeguarded, and this is attributed to gaps in the UN system.

There are no clear advocacy structures in the fractured landscape of the UN system. The basic human rights and freedoms of migrants continue to be violated, and this means that most migrants live in very vulnerable situations. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook

However, it is important to point out that the emergence of human rights defenders and advocacy groups have helped to improve the welfare of migrants in the United States and other parts of the world.

The most unfortunate thing is that these advocacy groups do not get the much-needed support from relevant state agencies in order to fully carry out their activities.

There is always a need for a collective effort from all the stakeholders including government officials, migrant communities, host communities, and employers when it comes to improving living and working conditions for migrants. The much need consensus can be achieved through consultative meetings, awareness raising programs, and migrant rights workshops.

The awareness and consultative sessions are meant to help migrants in accessing job opportunities, developing laws that can protect the welfare of migrants, and raise awareness about the current migrant laws and freedoms.

Some of the achievements of the many advocacy groups and organizations around the world include; exposing cases of abuse and exploitation, facilitating prosecution of exploitative employers, and ensuring that migrants have access to exploitative services.

There are many instances where some international laws and standards have been disregarded by some state agencies and host communities, and this normally makes migrants vulnerable to different forms of abuse and exploitation. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Migrant communities continue to face a wide range of challenges across different states in the U.S despite the efforts and strategies that have been put in place to improve their welfare.

Some of the challenges they continue to face include cultural barriers and language barriers. In addition, failure to access basic services, proper housing, and employments opportunities is still a major challenge.

The Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Larkin Forentera Fund is an example of the many organizations in the United States that focus on advocating for the rights and freedoms of migrants. The advocacy organization is based in the state of Arizona and has been instrumental in fighting for the rights of the Hispanic community in the border state.

The organization funds groups and individuals involved in advocating for civil rights, human rights, freedom of speech, civic participation, and equal access to employment opportunities.

Frontera Fund was co-founded by Lacey and Larkin, who are two renowned journalists based Arizona. They own various media outlets including Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Lacey and Larkin have always been strong advocates of the First Amendment, and this has always been reflected in their articles.

They established the fund in 2007 using the $3.75 million they were awarded by the court as a result of wrongful arrest.

Reformation Of Financed Based Campaign Rules

James Bopp got laughed out of the court in the year 2008 January. Mr. James Bops is originally from Terre Haute, Indiana. He was in court to face a panel consisting of three judges in Washington, DC. He was representing his client named Citizen United which is a small nonprofitable organization. Mr. Bopp was arguing a case to allow the organization a highly demanded movie called Hillary. This movie was to be aired during Democratic Party primaries. The movie was to expose Hillary Clinton as a ruthless political schemer and European socialist. The Federal Election Commission had barred Citizens United from airing the video during the party primaries seasons. This is because it could amount to a 90-minute campaign and the one to pay for could not be accounted for.

Citizen United is a culmination of Mr. Bopp’s work for several years to kick off at the finance regulation nationwide campaign. Most of the people had expected Mr. James Bopp to lose the case and he is not yet done. The renowned man is currently pursuing obstacles to practically break every part of regulations in the campaign on matters concerning finance. Most of those cases look doomed and outrageous when they are taken individually as when Citizen United did. Tara Malloy says Bopp is also leading a court case assault against the campaign-finance rules and the state. Bopp can use his small clients to widen discrepancies in the law to benefit wealthy cope rations.

Washington based organization-End Citizens United is a political based organization that is a focus on driving money out of politics. The organization is also raising big money on its own. The group has been able to collect a total of more than $4 million in the starting three months of this year. The organization projects will be able to raise a total of $35 million ahead of the midterm Congressional election in 2018. This was by detailed information provided to USA TODAY. The course will be significant from $25 million taken by the PAC for the elections held in 2016. A total number of 100,000 people had contributed to End Citizens United in the first quarter of the current year.

The political action committee had recently urged its funders to donate a sum of $500,000. This amount was to fund a first time Democrat political candidate based in Georgia called Jon Ossof. Mr. Jon surprised many of the political establishments by being able to raise a sum of $4 million. This money was to aid him to fill the Republican House seat which was left vacant by Tom Price in Atlanta. Tom Price left the job to serve as a Health and Human Service Secretary. The previous deputy political director known as Mr. Muller said that the group is still examining active races available in 2018.

Rocketship Public Charter Schools Form Great Bonds Outside Of The Classroom

All children are entitled to a great education which is why Rocketship Charter Schools opened their doors 10 years ago in a basement of a church located in San Jose, California. The impact they have made on the communities has been a success however they are always looking to expand further and improve further how they help to teach kids.

Rocketship knows firsthand that learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom. The learning also happens at home. The charter school is known for how it works to bring in personalized learning to each student. They work to bring technology into the classroom but knows that there is more to learning than just technology. They work to bring together parents and students so that parents are included in how students learn. By including the parent into the education of the students, the relationship between parent and teacher become stronger which benefits the student in the long run.

Because learning is always a positive thing, Rocketship strives to make sure that their teachers are also always learning. They work hard to ensure that the teachers they hire are open to the idea of always learning. They have weekly sessions which teaches the educator about lessons they can learn and how they can improve their teaching methods. It also offers weekly goals to be achieved. With actionable feedback, the teachers are able to learn how to better teach students inside the classroom.

Rocketship is the non-profit that is a network of public charter schools for children in kindergarten through the fifth grade. It is open primarily in the areas where there are low income families and where schools with great educational backgrounds is limited.

Rocketship is blending the relationship between families and teachers which is what helps them to stand out against other schools. They empower not only teachers but also parents. Not only does the teacher and parent become empowered, the community is also empowered and inspired to help families with in their communities.

Rocketship is working hard to rethink how elementary schools operate from the ground up therefore they help rebuild how schools function and work within communities.


IDLife Cares About People’s Individual Nutritional Needs

IDLife is a revolutionary personalized nutrition and supplement company that is changing the world with the way it approaches health and wellness. The name “IDLife” translates into individually designed life and follows the principle that every human being has different nutritional needs. The company’s nutritional products use only high quality ingredients, and their dedication to the purity of their supplements is unmatched in their industry. Their customers always feel confident taking their products, because they know they IDLife bases all of their recommendations or products on science-backed research and studies.

The unique thing about IDLife is the fact that the company provides personalized guidance that is custom made to fit an individual person’s goals, needs, and health conditions they are struggling with. Instead of putting together product packages that are general purpose, IDLife tailors plans and nutritional programs for people after they answer specific questions that help the company narrow down what their body is asking for. They don’t only work with individual needs, they embrace them, and this is part of what makes IDLife different from many other general purpose health and wellness companies.

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IDLife’s products are all Non-GMO, gluten free, and soy free, so their customers can feel happy knowing they are doing something good for their body.

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Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne Adds Entertainment Royalty To The Weekly Podcast Lineup

It was recently announced that another talk entertainment show will be joining the PodcastOne lineup hosted by a legend in the entertainment industry. Norman Lear, writer, producer, director, creator of many popular sitcoms such as Good Times, Maude, and All In The Family, and most importantly World War 2 veteran, will be hosting All Of The Above With Norman Lear on a weekly basis. Learn more:


All Of The Above will cover a range of topics as wide as Mr. Lear’s resume. From politics to sports and everything in between, Mr. Lear will be touching on the topics of today. Norman will have a Co host, actor/composer Paul Hip, and Norman will interview politicians, celebrities, and the American public. All Of The Above began in May can be subscribed to by signing up on the PodcastOne network or through the iTunes app. Mr. Lear stated that he is excited to host a show covering a wide variety of topics and considers everyone his peer, even though he is almost 95. PodcastOne founder, Norman Pattiz also stated that he was delighted to welcome another Norman to the podcast family.


This latest podcast is one of many success for founder, Norman Pattiz. Mr. Pattiz has had a long career in the broadcast media starting out in the 1970’s with the formation of the media giant Westwood One. While serving as owner and Chairman of the Board at Westwood One, Norman broadcaster, owned or published the Summer and Winter Olympics, the Superbowl, and NBC radio among others.


Norman Pattiz has served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors for two United States Presidents. Mr. Pattiz founded the only non military US sponsored Arabic television channel in the middle east, Alhurra Television, and was a driving force behind Radio Sawa, the BBC’s around the clock radio network. Mr. Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009 for all of his significant contributions to broadcasting. To read more about Mr. Pattiz and his broadcast career, please click here.


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