Felipe Montoro Jens Offers Insightful Counsel on the Infrastructural Collaboration between the Government and the Private Sector

The Brazilian administrative in its attempt to give their citizens a clean environment has partnered with the National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES) to offer concession to private organizations to assist in the provision of water projects across the nation. The aim of this new venture is to enhance basic sanitation by eliminating the high level of water loss that had made the public sector to lose a lot of money.


According to Felipe Montoro Jens, 90% of sanitation services are executed by the government while the private sector handles approximately 70% of the country’s sanitation. For this reason, he believes the industry can help to supplement the government services as opposed to overpowering it. Both the public and private sectors can complement each other resulting in enhanced service delivery.


Moreover, in the interview with Edison Carlos, Felipe pointed out that the Private corporations are better equipped with the suitable technologies that can offer water management services as compared to the government. Therefore, their presence in improving sanitation is an added benefit for the country.


About Felipe Montoro Jens


Felipe Montoro Jens is a renowned entrepreneur in Brazil with business acumen for over two decades in both the public and finance sectors. Besides excelling in business, Mr. Montoro has worked in several other sectors including real estate and infrastructure, petroleum, water and sewerage, technology, auditing, consultancy, and structure finance. Additionally, Felipe is a member of several boards of intercontinental businesses and establishments.


Felipe’s educational background is business oriented, and he holds a business degree from one of the country’s prestigious universities dubbed as Getulio Vargas Foundation based in Sao Paulo. After he had completed his studies at this institution, he moved to the United States where he undertook his MBA at Thunderbird, a well-known business school with an innovative curriculum. http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923



Flavio Maluf is the Go To Man For Start-Ups

The Brazilian economy may presently be going through a spot of bother, but that hasn’t stopped the young and enterprising people of this BRICS nation to create a large number of small startup businesses. The one man who knows everything about this phenomenon and some more is Flavio Maluf, the president of Eucatex. A highly successful entrepreneur and senior executive in his own right, he quotes the 4200 number of startup enterprises put out by the Brazilian Association of Start-Ups, as evidence of the fact that startups are the flavor of the times in Brazil.


He further adds that most of these businesses are in the domains of E-Commerce, Healthcare, SaaS, Education, and Entertainment. According to Maluf a necessary prerequisite for the success of these firms is the need for recruiting or hiring professionals with specific skills in these areas. For people seeking advice about how to make their startups successful, he holds out some specific advice with regards to what might work.


For instance, Maluf feels that coming up with tools that facilitate the digitization of business is a good business to get into. Creating a functional app that makes the administration of a business easier and imparts efficiency to a business is something that can be looked at.


The other important piece of advice is to learn to understand the youth, especially the millennials who will be the ones with the purchasing power in the years ahead. One needs to know everything about their likes, dislikes and purchase behavior so that one can create with products and services that are just right for them. Maulf also feels that remote work, e-commerce, and sustainable products that are more in tune with new age requirements are areas of importance in the times ahead.


His extensive corporate experience, most of which has been at the helm of various divisions of the Eucatex group and his pedigreed educational qualifications give him a unique perspective on all matters about business, including the growing importance of startups in the coming times. For prospective entrepreneurs or those interested in predicting business- trends Mauf is just the man to confabulate with.

Edison Carlos Talks About The Government’s New Measures To Help The Brazilian Economy

In the past few years, the Brazilian economy has seen a steady increase, with the numerous amount of companies that have suddenly emerged in this fast developing market. The financial sector, in particular, has experienced an extremely positive outcome, owing to the influx of cash flow in the economy. Earlier this money, the government in Brazil announced that they would be working towards implementing concessions for the firms and businesses that are on the move of development in the country. The government stated that to put this plan into motion, they would be partnering up with BNDES (Brazil Development Bank). The plan of action that the government has proposed is a view of giving grants and subsidies to business so that they will invest more in the country.


In an interview with Edison Carlos, he pointed out the various nuances about the initiative and talked about the impact that it would have on the Brazilian economy. Edison is the president f Trata Brasil, a company that offers solutions in basic sanitation. Being a Brazilian national and someone who has a good amount of knowledge regarding the economy and the financial world, Edison was able to give a good amount of insight into the matter at hand. He explained the case concerning the sanitation industry in Brazil. In his interview, he stated that the company functioned as a public sector company, with a majority of its customers being served through state-run organizations. With the implementation of the new policies in place, private companies will not have more of an incentive to invest in the country, putting public service companies on a back seat.


In the interview, Edison Mentioned how since private companies have more resources, it becomes the state’s job to ensure that there is no wastage of resources. Since in some parts of the country, resources are scarce, the government should give subsidiaries based on the location that the company is setting up in, and the benefit that they would provide to the country and the area around which they are being built, ensuring that exploitation does not happen on any level.



How Does E-Governe Create Fine Government Control Systems?

E-Governe is a computer and productivity systems company that ensures all their clients have a program that is easy to use. The programs that are built by this company may be used for a number of purposes in government, and they may be deployed regardless of the situation. The situation that is created with a new program will be much more efficient, and someone who is ordering many learn from this article how the company works.


#1: The Design


The design of the program is such that it matches the needs of the division of government it was made for. There are quite a few things that it may be used to do, and the government division will ensure that they may offer services to the public properly. they will store all their information in the program, and the company will help build a server that will store all the information.


#2: The Storage


Storage servers that are used through E-Governe will help protect the information that has been passed through the system. The system will safeguard all information that is used, and the system will encrypt everything that is created. Customers will not be in danger of their information being lost, and they will be safe when they are working with sensitive government information. E-Governe will adjust their security programs to ensure that the information is safe, and they will consult with the client where needed.


#3: The Client’s Input


The clients may offer their input at any time, and they will find that they may make changes to their program as much as they like. E-Governe will assign someone to work on the project, and they will adjust the program accordingly until the client is happy. Clients who are working with the company consistently will have a better finished product. The program must be easy for the client to use, and there may be a number of purposes for this program.


#4: Who Needs E-Governe?


E-Governe works with government around the world, and they provide services that government needs to run each new division. The government often does not run on a single system, and they will need new programs for each department that is serving the public. The public will find that they are given better services because they are served by a program that was made by E-Governe, and they will have less trouble with the programs when they are in a government office.


E-Governe is one of the finest programming firms in the world, and they use a combination of monitoring and programming to serve each client. The clients who are in need of a system for a particular purpose may place an order today, and they will be given a number of options before their program goes live. They may create a much better system to serve the people that depend on them. The public needs government that is functional, and the government becomes far more functional because it has better computer programming in their offices.

Lime Crime Hair Dye for Unicorn Hair

If you are a fan of unicorn’s, then you will want to know about this. Unicorn hair is a real thing, for those that are surprised that anyone would want it. It’s not only wanted, but it’s cool. Trying to achieve this hair look though is a bit tricky. For those that want to find out how, here is the guide to Lime Crime Hair Dye’s Unicorn Hair.


First a bit about Lime Crime. It is a company that offers cruelty-free, vegan products. They are fun too. The company offers several neat products that are all designed to draw in anyone looking for a fun way that is vegan and cruelty-free. There are even options available.




For those people that are wanting a great choice for full coverage, there is this choice to provide deep, perfectly unicorn color to your hair. It is full coverage at its best. It comes in a few different colors. Here are the choices.


– Baby Pink

– Salad

– Leeloo

– Unicorn


The baby pink color is, obviously, pink. You might wonder what Salad is. It’s light green. The Leeloo color choice is actually orange. The unicorn choice is rainbow colored.


You can also apply a tint rather than full coverage. This is perfect for people that want to do a fade on the ends of the hair. It can be layered for a really nice look that is lighter, or perfect if you are a platinum blonde already.




Application isn’t that tricky. It is important to note the color of your own hair color now. These dyes work best on light colored hair. Darker colors don’t really work as well. Still, they can be colored as well, but the base color that works best is light colored hair. Experiment with a small patch first for the best results.


The Unicorn Hair choice is a fun choice for anyone that is obsessed with unicorns. It’s even handy for those that are into anime’. If you want rainbow colored hair, then this is the way to go. It’s semi-permanent, and it’s tons of unicorn fun.

UKV PLC Follows The Recommended Length Of Time That Is Required For Proper Fermentation

UKV PLC is not a company that should be considered as being your ordinary winemaker. Instead, it should be seen as being one that is consistently working on being more innovative, as they strive to find ways in which they may be able to improve their winemaking abilities through thorough and methodological researching and investments.

It is highly recommended for you to ensure that you are investing in a wine product that has undergone the necessary steps of proper fermentation. If you decide to invest in a wine product that has not undergone such a process, the please choose one that provides its customer base with that much in its production processes like UKV PLC.

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UKV PLC is a winemaker that is offering a myriad of benefits to all of its customers. Firstly, it is important to note that it is a product that has been given recognition from the community that it has been serving as being a winemaker that makes a very tasty wine. Unlike some winemakers that have been renowned for producing wine that has watery tastes to them, one should not worry about that with UKV PLC, as it is a wine that undergoes lengthy processes of fermentation, which is an aspect of the process of winemaking that is actually required, but seldom followed by many winemakers today.

For more information about UKV PLC, just click here.

Igor Cornelsen Gives Advice Based on His Own Experiences

Igor Cornelsen is giving consumers something to think about. He is one of the most masterful investors of international investing, and this is what has allowed him to become an authority for many new investors. The act of taking money from a bank account and investing it in any company can be a very difficult thing for new investors to do. Many people keep their money in accounts that provide little interest. Others go for the modest returns from mutual funds, and they often have no desire to branch out.


What Igor Cornelsen has been able to do is get a lot of investors on the right track. He started an investment company, but much of the advice that he has given down through the years is free. He is the investor that has looked at investing in a completely different way. What Igor has managed to do is give people access to more than a few options. There are times when annuities are popular with investors. At other times there will be a need to consider the benefits of stocks.


The great thing about having the guidance of Cornelsen is that there a person that is providing advice based on his own experiences. He isn’t giving the perfect world predictions for what investors should do. He is telling investors that they should consider the benefits of investing internationally because he has been an international investor.


All types of thing can happen when people don’t take the time to branch outside of their comfort zone. So many investors want to put their accounts on auto pilot. This is not what Igor Cornelsen recommends. He is the investor that has made it to the top by handling his own affairs. He is the investor that is stern in his beliefs. He just believes that investors should know what they are putting their money into. A passion for investing is vital for building a successful portfolio.


The Best Sectors for Business in 2017

In most cases people perceive new years as a time for new things: new attitudes, friends, jobs, but above all businesses. A list published by the American Magazine Inc, highlighting some of the best places to launch businesses. This list identifies the most lucrative sectors of the economy.






Businesses that are youth centered are good to invest in as they are sure to succeed. The magazine points out that the youth are the new millennial consumers and as such should not be ignored or bypassed. Entrepreneurs need to understand how the youth think and then design commodities that they appreciate.



Remote Work



Investment in virtual or distance jobs is also listed as a promising place to invest. Flavio says that the companies that are able to offer efficient training services for employees who are working away from their headquarters are going to grow. This remote way of working is increasingly becoming popular.



Health Sector



Unlike other generations that have come and gone, this generation is preoccupied about its health and well being. Advice on healthy living has people surfing the net and trying to style up. Applications that measure calories and help one to keep nutritional records are the next big thing.



Technological Innovations



Flavio says that technology is growing today and is being used well in business. Investment in the creation of platforms that make business administration easier and simpler is also a place to invest according to the magazine’s prognosis.






The sale of goods online is also gaining prominence among consumers. Flavio says that recent research demonstrates that close to 60% of shoppers are willing to add items they like to their cart therefore reaching the required threshold to guarantee free shipping. This is a good bet for business in 2017.



Environment Friendly Products



A lot of importance is nowadays being placed on environment friendly initiatives. Products strengthening a culture of sustainability will continue to flood the market. This is a great place for new market entrants to try.



Flavio Maluf



He is the CEO of Eucatex. He is also the chairman of the company’s board. He has a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Securus Technologies Benefits Both Individuals and Communities

Securus Technologies has been known for being one of the most optimal forms of communications for both inmates and those who would have visited them at the correctional facility that they are confined in. Unfortunately, there are still many correctional facilities that have not incorporated this particular form of communication into their communicative systems yet. If you would like to utilize this form of communication with an inmate who is confined in a correctional facility that has not had it installed, please feel free to ask the representatives who work there whether it would be possible to have it installed. The Securus Technologies website has a list of correctional facilities that are currently utilizing it as a form of communication.


Securus Technologies has been renowned as being a great catalyst of solving crimes. Unfortunately, crimes in areas of confinement continue to take place to this day. By utilizing Securus Technologies, authorities are able to utilize the conversations as pieces of evidence in court for investigative proceedings should matters of crimes be discussed. Be sure to contact a customer service representative to attain information on how you may be able to utilize this wonderful product that has been impacting individuals and whole communities.


Securus Technologies enables communications between inmates in a videoconferencing mode. The quality of the video is clear and servers are absolutely safe and secure. The only parties aside from inmates and visitors that will have access to the conversations that are conducted within the communicative lines of Securus Technologies are law enforcement officials and courts should investigations need to be conducted. It’s a program that’s been engineered and designed to meet the expectations that the creators of it had set for themselves. Do not make the mistake of overlooking this program as your form of communication when speaking to an inmate, or visitor(s) if you happen to be the inmate.


Jim Tananbaum Welcomes Dr. Molly He At Foresite Capital

Recently, Dr. Molly He joined Foresite Capital as a venture partner. The healthcare growth equity firm’s chief executive officer, Jim Tananbaum, was happy with her inclusion to the company. Dr. He brings with her 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical and genomic research and development. Previously, the scientist worked for Illumina as a senior director.

Speaking after Dr. He’s acceptance to join the Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum said that the company would benefit from her extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. He added that Dr. He is a respected researcher in the field of next-generation sequencing. He believes that the scientist’s expertise in genomics and drug development will play an integral role in the growth of Foresite Capital. The company is planning to continue diversifying its portfolio to include more transformational companies.

In her previous position, Dr. He was in charge of the company’s global protein reagent innovations and improvements. Her visionary leadership helped the company to become a world leader in the field. Before joining Illumina, Dr. He worked for Pacific Biosciences. At the biotech company, she was the head of protein sciences. She is credited for developing the company’s single molecular real-time sequencing technology.

Dr. He said that she was honored to join Foresite Capital. According to her, the company has a seasoned and dynamic team. In addition, Dr. Molly praised the strategic investments made by Foresite Capital. She added that such investments will revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Foresite Capital is a San Francisco-based investment company. The corporation invests in emerging healthcare companies. Owing to the increased demand for its products and services, the entity has opened an office in New York.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is the managing director of Foresite Capital. The executive leader has been working for the company since 2010. Over the years, he has helped the company to invest in promising healthcare companies.

Jim is also a shrewd entrepreneur. He is the brain behind two successful corporations, Prospect Venture Partners and Theravance. Jim is a partner at Sierra Ventures. Tananbaum is a graduate of three prestigious institutions, which are Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Yale University. More details can be found on Bloomberg.