Fine Hair and WEN, The Results Are In!

For most of us, we are on the hair care product hunt that will leave our hair looking radiant, shiny, and full of life by the end of the day. And it is a constant battle to find the right products that work for your hair type. Some products leave the hair feeling dry, other products can make your hair feel greasy, and others just make it smell good. A hairdresser had been seeing the WEN commercials for some time and after some research, she bought WEN and decided a week-long trial was in order. For a breakdown of her day to day, click here.

This female has fine hair. Fine hair can be hard to manage if the products you use aren’t the right match for that hair type. Products can become to heavy for fine hair, causing hair styles to fall by midday. So on day one of this week long trial, she found that her hair wasn’t feeling like it normally does. It felt more alive, full of bounce and shine. So the first day was a success. But mid-week; she has noticed that her hair wasn’t falling into its normal routine. That it had improved as long as she washed her hair every day with Wen. By the end of the week, she could honestly say that she liked WEN. If you are one to maintain your hair daily with washings and styles, WEN is a great product for fine hair people.

WEN was developed by an upscale salon owner, Chaz Dean. He has had a love for hair that stems back to his photography days. Chaz Dean looked outside the box and wanted to do more than just hair, he developed a hair care product line that would nourish the hair from inside out. It replaces 5 different products that you normally use on your hair. It cleanses conditions, detangles, deep conditions, and acts as a leave in conditioner.

Wen products are available on Sephora stores and online on Amazon.


The Great Achievements of JeanMarie Guenot

JeanMarie Guenot is not your typical woman. She has worked for more than twenty years in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Her academic success was obtained when she got an MBA at the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. from the University of California at San Francisco. Throughout her career, she has worked at the executive level of a lot of startups and well-established companies. That work has given her a lot of experience. Her ambition and passion for creating new businesses and making them successful have catapulted her to the highest level of modern business managers as mentioned on If a person reviews her career, they can see she loves working with new businesses.

Looking at all Ms.Guenot has achieved during her career, it is obvious that she loves starting new businesses. Despite the fact that it may be an impossible task to name all of the businesses she has been employed at, it is important to focus on her major career accomplishments. The first company she worked for was Guenot, LLC.

From 2008 to 2009, JeanMarie Guenot worked for Guenot, LLC. This company that gives consulting services to businesses to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. They also provide services such as licensing, mergers and acquisitions, and financing to those industries. Then she went on to found SKS Ocular, LLC.

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Between the years of 2009 and 2012, JeanMarie Guenot founded and was the first employee of SKS Ocular, LLC. They are a biotechnology company whose main goal is to treat eye-related issues. At the present time, she is working as the CEO and President of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. This company was started in 2012 with the goal of making and manufacturing drugs that can help treat or cure diseases such as leukemia. It is important to know what Amphivena Therapeutics is and what they have accomplished.

In the year of 2013, Amphivena Therapeutics came to an agreement with Janssen Biotech and has found a way to raise over fourteen million dollars to assist in creating better and first-in-class immunotherapy for hematologic malignancies. This type of treatment has been termed by a lot of doctors as a big milestone in assisting to totally getting rid of blood cancer and help people who are at risk to live a long and healthy life. Amphivena has had a lot of success since they started working with Janssen.

Ever since Amphivena and Janssen started working together, their research has been getting better. This has been backed by the Manufacturing Director of MPM Capital, Luke Evnin when he described the process as a new anti-cancer therapy. MPM is the main inventor In Amphivena. Ms. Guenot has been playing the main role in both achievements and management of the success of Amphivena. She has pointed the company in the right direction and has assisted making the company into the success it is today.

Ms.Guenot has achieved a lot of great things academically and career wise. With the wonderful things she has accomplished in her life so far, it is no wonder what wonderful things she will do next.

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UKV PLC, Wine Advisors For Wine Enthusiasts

Over the years, having a good bottle of wine isn’t just a social statement, it’s a luxury that one invests into for their love of this beautiful drink. People all over the world try their best to find those perfect bottle of wines that can augment any occasion. But finding a perfect bottle of wine can be a daunting task, especially for people who don’t exactly know where to look.

Sure you can go to your local wine store and pick up a nice bottle of wine, but they won’t be a limited edition bottle 1984 bottle from France that has been aged to perfection. That’s when UKV PLC comes in to save the day, to help you find that perfect bottle of wine, which can make any occasion truly memorable.

UKV PLC is run by a small team of people who clearly have a love of wine. But it’s not just their love for this beautiful drink that makes this company worth the while, it’s the fact that this team has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to wines. The team of advisors at UKV PLC are also trained to be able to gauge at what their customers want and give them options which fit their needs the best. Based on their clients budget, wine taste preferences, and a bunch of other factors, UKV PLC can guide their customers on their quest for that perfect wine bottle.

The advisors are available to their clients through the company website, and are also available for one on one meetings, depending on their preference. If clients want their advisors to come and meet them at their home, the advisors at UKV PLC can do that as well. The company also works in collaboration with numerous wine suppliers and vineyards, to be able to offer their clients the widest and best range of options for their needs.

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Blogger Tests Wen on Her Fine Hair

Wen proclaims that its products are suitable for all hair types. A blogger by the name of Emily McClure on put their Cleansing Conditioner, their best selling product, to the test. She consistently used the conditioner over a period of 7 days and documented her experience daily. The results were rather interesting.

Emily stated that her main goal of using WEN conditioner was to add volume to her fine, limp hair. On Day 1 of her experiment she immediately noticed less hair fallout. She admitted to being surprised at the amount of product that Wen recommends you use but she followed the instructions anyway. Over the course of the week Emily stated on her Twitter that her hair appeared to be more shiny, bouncy and voluminous.

Her routine included using the conditioner followed by a blow dry and/or using a curling iron. According to Emily, her hair became so incredibly soft her hair would not maintain the curls throughout the day. However, her hair remained shiny and healthy looking. On day 6 she had a night out with friends and they commented on how healthy her hair looked.

Overall, she recommended to product to those looking for extra shine and states that it’s suitable for fine hair, such as hers.

Wen by Chaz Dean offers a line of 4 staple products that can cleanse, boost,style and treat. The signature “Wen Cleansing Conditioner” as used by Emily McClure is touted as a 5-in-1 formula that eliminates the use of other hair care products such as shampoo, deep conditioners and detanglers. Users report that their hair becomes more healthier and manageable after each use. The products are available online on and in 3 different formulas; Sweet Almond Mint, Pomegranate and Lavender. Wen also offers kits that include multiple products that you can try. From the large fan base of Wen products, they are definitely worth a try.


Mike Baur’s Investment in Swiss Startups.

Mike Baur is a successful Swiss finance professional and entrepreneur. The most fruitful business that he has established is the Swiss Startup Factory, which has been serving as an incubator for emerging technology enterprises in Switzerland. It has a unique business model that involves offering consultancy and finance services for various innovative business that are being developed. Baur has been using his company to give other entrepreneurs the support that they would need for them to accomplish their goals. He has been investing in startup companies for many years, and this has offered him sufficient knowledge on handling new businesses. Mike started his profession by serving a private bank, and his role was to help entrepreneurs to access loans to establish or improve the performance of their companies.


Baur gained a lot of experience when he was working in the banking industry. He spent most of his time serving business owners who needed finances to make their enterprises bigger. As a professional in the banking sector, he met the entrepreneurs and examined their objectives before offering them loans to help them fulfill the short-term and long-term goals. Mike also guided the business people in various ways that they could manage their finances.


Mike Baur worked in the banking sector for about two decades before deciding to venture into startups businesses. He believes that technology-based enterprises are highly profitable. Baur’s company has made massive investments in various new businesses, and this has turned out to be a successful venture that makes good returns. He understands much about startup companies and can identify the ones that have a potential of being successful. Mike also has knowledge of various business models that can be used in propelling an enterprise to great heights.


Swiss Startup Factory has played a significant role in the success of different companies in Switzerland. The firm accesses funds from various private investors and uses them in supporting startups. It has an acceleration program that is carried out for about three months, and it ensures that the new businesses can compete in the local and international markets. The firm has also been facilitating the growth of companies that are already operational. Mike Baur has remarkable academic qualifications. He holds two MBA degrees that he was awarded from the University of Bern and the University of Rochester. The entrepreneur has managed to make Swiss Startup Factory successful due to the connection that he formed when he was in the banking industry.


Investing Advice

The best way to get to a new level in your finances is to invest for the future. However, for many people, this can be a difficult thing to do. There are many people who need help in this area, especially as it relates to financial advice about their future. There are a lot of people who are trying to invest without losing money. Highland Capital Management is an investment fund that is trying to help as many people are possible during the process. There are a lot of people who want to start saving and investing for the future. With demand so high, Highland Capital is in a great position to grow in the future. Do you want to excel with your finances? Getting a profession to help is a great way to do that.

`Highland Capital

When the company was started, the company was built around providing great customer service to customers. This is a huge difference from where other companies start out in this area. With that being said, there are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are being made for the future. Investors have more power than ever before to start building wealth for the future, and you need to make sure you are getting the right financial advice in this area. A lot of people today need help to get on a plan and follow through. If this describes your current situation, working with Highland Capital is one of the best things that you can do.


When it comes to Highland Capital, there are a lot of things to think about for the future. Not only is this a company that truly cares about others, but it is also a great business model for others. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that the company is making. In the coming years, Highland Capital is a company that will always look to make things better for everyone in the local Dallas area. This is a great example of how to grow a business.

Use Wen by Chaz if Your Hair means a lot to you

Hair is an integral part of a ladies beauty. Women that love their hair should take good care of them for a better visual experience and a greater feel. Women should think of ways they can take care of their hair naturally. It should involve making use of quality products available in the market. Wen by Chaz is arguably one of the most compelling products in the market today. Chaz Dean is behind the product. He has created a huge success throughout the hair conditioning agent. Chaz Dean is known as a successful hair stylist that has had many years of experience. See,

The main WEN product comes in the form of a package that offers three different features. It styles, shampoos, and conditions the hair. Regardless of the type of hair, one should not worry about using the Wen hair care system. The care system has been proven to work on almost all hair types. It improves the general feel and look of the hair.

Using the product is not difficult. However, you have to learn how to use it to experience the best results. All you need to do is to a necessary amount of pump to your hands. The next step is to apply the pump to your scalp on its ends. Massage the hair after application. Several minutes after soaking, you can rinse the hair and blow it dry. The hair should retain its soft and moist feel. Another benefit with the product is that it retains a thick hair given a beautiful feel throughout.

Chaz Dean has taken the task of educating consumers on the best methods of cleansing the hair. The product itself is highly beneficial because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Most shampoos you will find on the market contain agents and chemicals that strip the hair natural oils. Wen products are available online on Amazon or directly from the website. Try it today!


Fabletics, the new truth in marketing.

As Amazon assumed the retail throne, the consequences of this new style of shopping could not be readily measured. In particular, the negative aspects of a shopping platform with hundreds of thousands of items that can be experienced only after the item is purchased. This does not seem to be a dire consequence of the digital revolution, but to high-end retailers in particular, this is a huge issue that is affecting their high-end fashion businesses gravely. Additionally, this is not a consequence of simple business competition, but a huge shift in the manner in which shoppers choose the items that they purchase and the place at which they purchase them.


The old high-end retail customer conversion and retention model consisted of obtaining a high-end customer and assuming brand or customer loyalty from these high end shoppers by offering a product at an exclusively high price and then by delivering the purchaser of this high end item, a very high quality product. The customer receives the positive customer experience through purchasing the item in a high-end store situation and then by experiencing the high quality product after purchase. These shoppers had to purchase the item from the store in which they tested or experienced the product because stores at this time were the only option to obtain the item in an expedient manner.


However, today’s shoppers that have transitioned to shopping online enjoy the cheaper online prices, but still crave the positive customer experience before the purchase. In order to receive this positive customer experience and test the items, these shoppers go to stores, but return to their online store to buy the item at a much cheaper price point. This new customer behavior is now known as showrooming, and stores suffering from this issue point to a steep downturn in their businesses instead of the upturn that the digital revolution has delivered to most existing business sectors. The fashion sector is suffering often more than other industries and are on the front lines of an industry push back they term the war on Amazon. Some businesses have responded to the showrooming shift with a tactic called reverse-showrooming.


Companies utilizing various forms of this technique are thriving in the fashion space unlike other more adversely affected fashion companies and brands. Fabletics is a pioneering start up fashion endeavor founded by famous actress Kate Hudson. Hudson and her team utilize the shift in consumer behavior by allowing potential customers to obtain a subscription that gives them access to their high end products at a price comparable to cheaper online retail pricing. By doing this, customers can purchase their products on multiple platforms including in person at their brick and mortar stores. A whopping 25 percent of potential customers that enter their stores are converted to loyal customers, and an additional fifty percent online. This seventy five percent conversion rate has seen their company grow exponentially to over 5,000 percent since its founding three years ago.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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The Midas Legacy services

The Midas Legacy is one of the recognized companies in the US. The company was started with the main aim of helping individuals in the country achieve lifetime goals. The Midas Legacy has its headquarters in Florida, and it offers its services to people from all parts of the nation. The company also has different offices in other cities.

Investors who want to significantly improve their skills especially on money management get a lot of help from the company. If you are an entrepreneur who needs to make sure that your financial situation gets better, contacting the company will be of great help.
Midas Legacy does not only offer its services to investors in the United States. Individuals who have problems concerning happiness, health, wealth can also get help from the institution. The company makes sure that it does all it can to improve the sense and well- being of all its clients.

Unlike most of the companies offering same services in the competitive market, The Midas Legacy offers its consumers a different package: it ensures that it focuses on everything concerning life. They do not only look at the clients’ money. Their greatest interest is what the client intents to do with the money. This explains why the company has remained on top despite the competition in the market.

For entrepreneurs, The Midas Legacy will help the business to make the crucial decisions, especially those that concern the finances. Most people fail in business because of the choices they make with their finances in business. This institution ensures that its clients do not make these costly mistakes. At the end of the day, the businesses achieve a lot of success and offer employment to other people. With a good job, it is easy for someone to improve the quality of their lives.

The Midas Legacy works with different clients from all over the country. The company ensures that the clients who think outside the box have an opportunity to better their lives and at the same time make the globe a better place for everyone. The people employed by the institution are professionals who are well qualified and experienced. They will guide you when making tough decisions in life, ensuring that you are in the right track always. Working with these professionals will help you acquire important knowledge and discipline that will help in you in many aspects of life.

Securus Technologies Makes It Easier For Us To Help Families

Securus is the best calling application for us as a family, and it has helped us to help other families who have loved ones in jail. Families get stuck when someone gets put in jail, and they are under a strain when they are trying to talk to someone who is far away. The best thing that we can do is use Securus, and we are going to be sure that we can help people learn how to run tablets and phones.


The Securus company has been able to help people get video cameras in a lot of prisons, and then the prisons will be able to put people in front of the video cameras like our family members. It is very nice for people like us to see the people that we love, and we know that other families are getting a lot out of it.


We have been telling people that the Securus system is going to help people, and there are a lot of people who are going to see their family members for the first time in some cases. We want them to be able to see us when we are on the video calls, and Securus has installed even more cameras so that all the people like our family can benefit. The benefit for our family is letting someone we love know that we are there for them, and we have told families to use this in the same way. We are proud to be Securus customers using their app every day.